T-7 Days till we move….

… and I am quietly freaking out!

Not only because I have only packed a measly two boxes of our stuff in preparation for the move but also because it now feels too soon.  Too hectic.  Too big a thing to be happening right now.  I’m excited too though, cannot wait to move into the home we’ve chosen for our family.  The hounds are going to LOVE the huge garden and Kade is going to have loads of fun playing soccer and cricket on our new expansive lawn.

The thing is this.

We’ve lived in our current home for over 9 years.  It’s the house that became our home.  It’s about the carport renovation, the new swanky patio where we’ve entertained a LOT, the new stairs which converted our home into a safe place instead of a rollercoaster death trap.  It’s where my husband proposed to me. (on the old death trap staircase)  It’s where we arrived the day after our wedding amped but tired to open pressies.  It’s been the place that’s kept us safe, warm and sheltered.

The stories those four walls could tell are countless.  The arguments about money for ivf, the ensconcement after too many failed treatments.  The place where we celebrated our eventual pregnancy success and the place that we brought our son home to.  It’s where we’ve seen our bug grow from baby to big boy.  Where we’ve danced manically, laughed our heads off.  Where we’ve cried – from sadness and joy.  It’s where I grieved in my husband’s arms when my Dad passed away.

This house – our HOME is the place we’ve made and created some of the worst and some of the best memories of our life together.

I know that there will be special times in our new house.  That there will be challenges we have to face together there and as we grow to know our new home, that new memories will be created.  But I am sad to be leaving our current home.  I think I’ll probably have a quiet moment next week when it’s all empty and say a prayer for the family who will be taking ownership of “our place”.

I can only hope and pray that they have as blessed a time in that house as we have.



Monster Bash!

We hosted Kade’s little Monster 2nd birthday party bash over the weekend at Elf’s Hill in Chartwell.

It was so much fun and I can honestly recommend the venue – what an amazing place that caters for kids of all ages.  Kade was super cute cos he understood this year that all the fuss was about him and we’d been practicing the blowing out of the candles and singing Happy Birthday all week since his “actual” birthday on Monday last week.

It was cold out there tho (the down side of having had a winter baby!) but everyone had a good time and loads of smiling kids made it worth while.

Thanks to everyone who made his party day so special!

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Autumn Leaves…

Before we had a child in our lives we used to get pretty darn annoyed when Autumn hit us and the tree in our garden would have it’s leaves turn brown and they would fall from the sky like an ever persistent snow…

But now, we find JOY in the messiness of that tree!  We celebrate Autumn and the fun we can have with those gorgeous, crunchy leaves that are scattered all over our garden.


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Last year I was incredibly emotional on your birthday. 

Today I am incredulous.  How on earth has two years flown by so blimming quickly?  Yesterday after church, Granny and Aunty Moz came over for breakfast and you were in full charm mode.  Granny asked me if I could remember what life was like before you and honestly?  For the life of me I cannot. 

2013-06-03 06.46.59

You have filled my life with so much, it’s quite difficult to put it into words.  In the past year you have gone from being a cute baby to a charming little boy.  We’ve been thru some up’s and downs which have included 1 x transforming haircut, 2 x starting playschool, 1 x broken right femur and about 100 000 x smiles and laughs.  The way you look at life makes me want to make the world the place you believe it to be – full of wonder and delight.  I hope that when life shows you it’s bad side (which it is bound to do) you will be able to see the wood from the tree’s and find delight and wonder still. 

Your courage has inspired me.  You handled your broken leg so much better than Daddy and I did and even in the midst of the misery that it brought with it, you had a way of lighting up a room.

kade stands

Your vocabulary has exploded this year and you keep us entertained constantly.  You don’t mind moaning at the dogs and telling them off along with the finger wag and hand on hip “Jamsyn don’t do it!” and my absolute favourite has to be how you instruct your Daddy to “make Mommy tea now Dad…” in the mornings.  I love that you’re able to have little conversations with us and you literally blew me away yesterday when Daddy sent you inside to ask me for two plastic packets and you did “two packers Mommy pwease…”

You LOVE to help!  You want to get your stool and help us cook and OMG I hope the love you have for cleaning up after yourself extends well into your teenage years.

2013-05-18 15.33.50 2013-04-26 17.52.14 2013-05-01 08.37.28

I know every mother says this about their child(ren) but you are really an incredibly bright little bug.  You pick things up so quickly and astound me with your intelligence.  Granted this can often times result in frustration tantrums but I hope that Daddy and I are doing a good job of keeping you stimulated while balancing the fact that you’re also just a little dude who needs to play and have fun.

You LOVE hamming it up for the camera! 

2013-06-03 06.47.29 2013-06-03 06.39.18 2013-05-25 08.23.28 2013-05-18 16.01.23

My angel face, you will NEVER know how much you have changed my life.

I thank God for you EVERYDAY.  I hope that you will know everyday of YOUR life just how much you are loved.  How much you are treasured. 

2013-05-25 09.52.59

I love you monkey bum.