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Kades Room

In the days after I left work, I meant to finish up Kade’s room and post beautifully staged pictures here as a few of you had asked me what his room was looking like… well Kade decided to come early and well, now you get to see pics of what we started out with and what it looks like now as a fully functional nursery…

It still blows my mind that we have a “Kades room” in our house.  Its not just the spare/junk room anymore.  It belongs to our little boy.  Wow!

We started off with a baby blue room...


"We" painted the bottom green and the top white


Added a brown "border"


The "feeding corner"


The "where Mommy sometimes sleeps" corner


His Cot


Compactum - AKA The Poo Corner :)We painted the compactum the same colours of the room 🙂


There are also some special touches in his room.  Stuff that was done for him with extra special love!

Sleepy Bear from Aunty Tam


I painted these nearly 5 years ago for our babies nursery - finally got to hang them!


Special canvasses from Aunty Mish


More canvasses from Aunty Mish

I love it!  Its not the traditional boys room but it works for us 🙂 

We have a baby gate on the door that was supposed to keep the dogs out BUT our jack russel figured it out already – check out the evidence: