Thinking of Donating?

It’s no secret that Cliff and I had a long battle with infertility to conceive Kade.  After seven years of infertility and after 6 IVF’s, we were blessed to become a family of three.

With each failed IVF, I was dead sure that at our WTF appointment our lovely FS would tell me that I would need to consider using donor eggs.  As someone who had always thought they would be able to donate their eggs, this was something that I was always prepared to hear from our FS.  I would always pre-empt it “are you sure I shouldn’t consider using donor eggs next time?”

Knowing that there were women out there who were willing to allow me the opportunity at realising my dream of pregnancy and parenthood meant so very much.  That someone I hadn’t met, would give me that chance, it really just blew my mind.

I don’t fit the requirements of becoming an official egg donor, but am grateful that I indirectly got the chance to help a fellow infertile have the chance of achieving their hearts desires by donating embryo’s from my eggs and donor sperm.  I’m proud to say that that makes me in a very round about manner an egg donor.

If you, like me feel it in your heart to help someone like me (an infertile whose biggest desire was to feel the weight of a baby in her arms) have the chance of becoming a mother, please consider signing up to become an egg donor with Nurture.  Tell them you found them through my blog.

You will never know how much your gift of egg donation will mean to the couple who have come to that point in their journey with infertility.  How much hope your gift to them can inspire.  How with your donation, their faith could be restored.

Eight years…

…ago we pledged our lives to each other.  We stood before our closest friends and family and embarked on the ride of our lives.

We have had our ups and our downs.  Who doesn’t?  But one thing I can safely say is that we’ve weathered many a storm together and have rejoiced in our rainbows afterwards.

I know we always joke about the fact that you were “desperate” when you met me and that I “forced you” to marry me but honestly I would not change a single thing about the last eight years of our marriage.

We faced our infertility journey together, you held me as I grieved the loss of my Dad, and more than anything you stood by me when the going got rough.  We laugh together, play together, fight together and just have fun together.

You make me want to try harder and be a better person.  I knew from our second date that you were one of the good ones.  No wonder I had to force you to marry me – there was no way I could let you get away.

I’m honored to be your wife and to share the joy that is our son with you.

Happy Anniversary my Love – here’s to many more happy years together.