FNB #joburg10k

I woke up early on Heritage Day because for the first time in a VERY long time I was heading off to go and run a race.  The last race I had run was in March (Cradle which I had to downgrade from a 21km to a 10km cos of flu) and to be honest I was feeling kinda nervous laying out my kit and getting myself into bed early so I could be up and ready to leave for the race at 6am on a public holiday.


I got to the parking (I parked at a secure parking lot opposite Sci-Bono), had a leisurely breakfast, listened to my audio book for a while and then took a stroll to the start line.  The atmosphere was electric!  I was super impressed with how well managed the start line gates were (we were ceded for the race) and the gees with the 947 DJ’s on deck was just amazing!  I must admit it felt very weird running a race by myself.  None of my usual running buddies had entered the race and standing at the start on my lonesome was strange but also quite empowering.  I run by myself quite a lot BUT running a race on your own is not quite the way it’s usually done 🙂  I only realised AFTER the race that there were actually a lot of people I know that ran it – wish I had known this before the fact so that I could have hooked up with one or two of them.


The race itself was AWESOME!  There were so many bands and entertainers on the route and I have to comment on the marshals (many of whom were dressed up in their heritage gear) and JMPD officers who controlled the traffic – they were FANTASTIC!  Water points were so well managed and there was enough COLD water to go around.

The route was actually tough with a few killer hills but any run that ends in a downhill over the Mandela bridge has my vote!


The only criticism I have for the race is the start time.  It started at 08h00 and by the time I finished in 1 hour 10 minutes it was BOILING hot.  I hope that when they have their 2nd FNB Joburg 10Km next year that they consider starting a bit earlier.  Other than that, this was a divine race and one I will definitely do again!




BK (Before Kids) vs AK (After Kids)

It took me seven years of intense fertility treatment to finally become a mom.  If you had told me six years ago that in six years time I would be a mom to not one but TWO kids, I think I might have either laughed in your face or slapped you in it depending on my emotional state that particular day.

Yet, here I am!  Mother of two gorgeous, demanding, challenging, wonderfully intelligent children.  I would not change that for the world.


I have to be honest, there are a few things I miss about the BK me vs the AK me… and these are a few of them:

BK:   Saturdays were meant for afternoon naps or laying on the couch recovering from a bender the night before.

AK:   Saturdays are filled with kids birthday parties, and an afternoon nap needs to be scheduled with military precision to co-incide with one of said kids afternoon nap and has to be negotiated with promises of repayment to ones spouse.  Bender?  What’s that? A hangover with kids is like voluntarily walking on Lego pieces for hours on end. With a headache.

BK:   Having nice things!  Appreciating nice things!  Knowing nice things will last!

AK: I will just leave this right here…


BK:  Before I had children, I went for monthly pedicures.  I bought myself new bedding.  I bought new underwear often.  I didn’t worry about how much those running pants would cost me.  Basically once the bills were paid my money was my own to spend on myself.

AK: Nuff said…


BK:  Going out for lunch with friends meant a relaxing afternoon at a well known restaurant eating good (hot) food, sipping on Pims or wine, relaxing and chilling and chatting about our lives without a care in the world.

AK:   200w


What are some of the things that you miss about your “before kids” self?

I miss Running

Perhaps this title is a tad misleading because technically I am still running but what I miss about running, is the way I was running last year before I got sick and then injured.

I was running so strong and my times were getting better and better.  I was doing at least one 21km race a month and I was FIT.  I was LEAN.  I was TONED.  I even had it in my head to enter a full marathon (which I ended up downgrading to a 21km due to injury) and I miss feeling confident in my running.


I can’t remember the last 21km race I ran and the way I am feeling right now I have doubts as to whether I can even manage to run a 15km LSD never mind a 21km race.


That said I know that I need to set myself a goal.  I need to get myself into the training for that goal frame of mind and I already know what the challenge I want to achieve is!  I am going to enter the RAC Tough One.  That’s 32km of pure hell hills!

I am amped to get my head (and more importantly) my health back on track with goal!