Autumn Leaves…

Before we had a child in our lives we used to get pretty darn annoyed when Autumn hit us and the tree in our garden would have it’s leaves turn brown and they would fall from the sky like an ever persistent snow…

But now, we find JOY in the messiness of that tree!  We celebrate Autumn and the fun we can have with those gorgeous, crunchy leaves that are scattered all over our garden.


2013-05-18 15.37.42 2013-05-18 15.38.51-1 2013-05-18 15.38.51-2 2013-05-18 15.41.50-2 2013-05-18 15.43.24-2 2013-05-18 15.43.25-5 2013-05-18 15.43.26 2013-05-18 15.43.42-1 2013-05-18 15.43.43-6 2013-05-18 15.49.16 2013-05-18 15.49.22 2013-05-18 15.50.07


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