Saving the day with the PJ Masks {WIN!}

PJ Masks Hamper R2000.00


If like me, you live with serious PJ Mask fans, you will be familiar with the phrases “Into the night to save the day” “Super Cat Speed”  “Super Owl wings” and “Super Lizard Grip” and know the in’s and out’s of how these super hero’s work together to defeat the villians Romeo, Luna Girl and Night Ninja!

If you don’t know who the PJ Masks are, what rock have you been living under? Seriously they have to be THE cutest toddler super hero’s ever!  By day they are Connor (Catboy), Amaya (Owelette) and Greg (Gekko) but by night they transform into hero’s who solve challenges and literally “save the day”.  Villains are silly and always leave clues for our hero’s who solve the problem that they have caused and make everything great for the next day at school again.  Don’t tell anyone but I have quite the soft spot for the villians – all of them have their own insecurities and I love that as part of the solution more often than not the PJ Masks befriend them to solve the challenges they find themselves facing.

Dual pack figures

I know many moms have been asking when the PJ Masks toys will be hitting South African shores and the GREAT news is THEY ARE HERE!

The team at Just Fun Kidz have brought in the most amazing ranges – masks, figurines, cuddly plushes, deluxe vehicles, bath squirters… you name it they probably have it!  My kids were super lucky to be sent  hamper of PJ Masks toys to review – the hamper included 2 x Basic vehicles which each came with their respective PJ Mask articulated figurine, 1 x Deluxe Vehicle which repeats key phrases from the TV show and has lights and sounds features, as well as the appropriate articulated hero and 3 x Dual Figure packs which each contained 2 x articulated figurines – this meant we got all 6 characters and I swear my kids were in heaven!

Basic vehicle all 3

I loved that the vehicles all allowed space for all the hero’s to be seated just like they would be in the TV show.  They are tough and durable and the toys have been played with non stop in my home and are still looking brand new.  I am loving hearing the new story lines that my kids are coming up with as well.  I love that their imaginations are being stimulated and that they are thinking of new things for the villains to get up to so they can save the day.

Deluxe Vehcile

Speaking of story lines, I teamed up with Sharon from the Blessed Barrenness and Maz from Caffeine and Fairydust on a very cool Facebook live video, if you didn’t tune in live head on over there to see exactly what you missed!


Who wants to win a PJ Masks hamper valued at R2000.00?  It will include the following items:

1 x Deluxe Vehicle & figure

2 x Basic Vehicles & figures

3 x Dual Figurine packs (all 6 characters!)

To enter:

  1. Tag 3 friends on the pinned PJ Mask competition post on my Facebook page – Sam’s Communique – to let them know about this awesome prize! (I would love it if you gave my page a like while you’re there anyway… but this is not required!)
  2. Follow me on Twitter, and tweet about this competition tagging @theclam AND @just_fun_kidz
  3. Comment below to let me know who your favourite PJ Mask character is!
  • Winners will be drawn randomly on 15th June 2017 and judges decision is final
  • No correspondence will be entered into regarding the final decision
  • Winner will have 3 working days to claim said prize – if not claimed within this period, a new winner will be drawn and announced
  • If you have won this hamper on either Sharon or Maz’s blog’s you will automatically be disqualified.
  • I reserve the right to disqualify entries should all entry mechanism’s not be followed.


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When do you know it’s time to say goodbye?

Our dogs are not considered our pets.  Our dogs are integral parts of our family.  For many years while we were battling infertility it was our “fur babies” that got us through the devastating times we were faced with and I often buried my face into my girls fur and cried tears of desperation…

Saffy and Jazzy

Thing is,  our girls are old now.  We’ve been privileged to have them in our hearts and home for thirteen amazing years… and whilst our little Jazz (the energizer jack russel) is still going strong, our beautiful golden lab Saff’s is…. not.  In the past few months we’ve noticed that she is steadily deteriorating in terms of her range of movement.  She is much stiffer when she gets up from a sitting or lying position and she has started losing control of her bowels in the house.  Like a toddler learning to potty train it’s almost like she feels the sensation too late and then “whoopsie” out pop the poops.

We took her to our vet two months ago to get her accessed.  Our vet absolutely agrees with us that Saff’s has deteriorated but what really threw me was that when we did hip and spine  x-rays her bones are still in good shape.  Her blood tests and liver enzyme tests all came back normal.  Our vet suspected from the get go that it was neurological but to have this substantiated it would mean an MRI which is VERY costly.  Now don’t get me wrong I am prepared to spend money on my pets but when faced with a bill of over 8.5 grand for a very old dog (Labradors have a maximum expected life span of 14 – 15 years) combined with a diagnosis that would probably result in a costly operation (20K +) which might or might not add any time to her life span we were at a cross roads as to what to do.  In the end we decided to try to see if medication would assist her in feeling more comfortable and ease the stiffness.

Saffy Young.jpg

After a month of the meds we had not seen any remarkable difference in our beautiful girl.  Chatting to family didn’t really help because they don’t get how close we are to our animals.  They all recommended putting her down but it just didn’t feel right to me.  How on earth could I make this decision?  Especially since “she wasn’t THAT bad”.

A close friend who works in animal rescue suggested a second opinion at an animal hospital that she uses for her rescue dogs.  She also told us that the vets there would be quite clear about whether it was time or not to make the hard choice for our beautiful Saffs.

The appointment was three weeks ago.

Saff old

I cannot tell you how relieved we are to have seen an amazing vet who was practical, caring and who was very honest about how to proceed.  The 2nd opinion vet concurred that the issue with our girl was neurological, she also felt that having the MRI and the operation would be a waste of time and energy and may actually make our girl worse.  She has suggested different meds and has also told us that whilst our Saff is in pain and is battling that the time to euthanize is not here yet.

I cannot wrap my head around having to say goodbye to this sweet girl who has filled our home with helicopter tail wags, and the most incredibly soft brown eyes for the last 13 years.

I am SO glad that for now we get to have her in our family for a while longer, Because I cannot say goodbye.

Saff family

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