Mommy Time Out….

Have you ever had a mommy time out?


I’m not talking about when you lock yourself in your bedroom for 5 minutes to secretly eat a chocolate or when you go pee in the guest bathroom because this is the last place your kids will think to look for you… I am a talking about  REAL mommy time out where you leave your family and have some good old alone time for yourself… Where you can bath without interruption.  Sleep late.  Read for hours if that is what you wish.  Go shopping… for things other than food!


I had a mommy time out recently and I am now of the opinion that this THE thing that us moms need most.  Yes we love our husbands, children, dogs, homes and jobs, but for the love of God all of those things can also drive a woman DEMENTED and begging for a fast flow tap on a VAT of wine!

If what I am saying has you nodding your head in agreement, then take it from me… A mommy time out is highly recommended.

I went away BY MYSELF to run the Knysna half marathon in July and it was so divine.


I was joined by a good friend for a few days and I cannot tell you how amazing it was to not have to worry about anyone else other than myself for a while.



I could read all night if I wanted to.  I didn’t have to ask if it was ok for me to go for a run.  I could PEE in PEACE!  I had 15 minute showers.  I drank wine without worrying about having a little bit too much in case one of the kids needed me.


I learnt how to build a fire on my own (granted I used a crap load of firelighters each night) and I was alone with my own thoughts.  I loved it!


This holiday was the best thing I have done for myself and my family in like FOREVER.  I missed them so much, it made me remember what it was that they meant to me.  The break helped me put the drudge of everyday life into its proper perspective.  Lets be honest sometimes we can get so wrapped up in the stress and daily grind that we begin to undervalue the very things that mean the most to us. This break allowed me to focus on fact that “the grind” can steal my everyday joy.

They missed me, it made THEM remember what it is that I mean to them.  I truly believe that having this break has made me a better mom and wife.


The fact that I have an extremely capable husband made going way for 6 days a lot easier.  The fact that he realised I needed some down time was awesome because he totally encouraged me to have this break.  He will be having a similar break when he rides some mountain bike 5 day event in September.

This break has been so good for us both that I am thinking of making it an annual thing.

I probably won’t make it for as long as this break worked out to be (this was purely due to getting cheaper flights) but I am definitely sold on the idea of a mommy time out.