My tough little dude…

So life has been speeding past at breakneck speed and we’re now already nearly 2 weeks post spica cast removal. 

Getting through the 3 weeks of the spica cast was not easy.  In fact it was hell.  There was so much happening all at once that there were a few moments when I just cracked.  It was not always pretty.  But we found ways to deal with the situation and managed to cope and survive it all relatively sane.  I will do a post soon on how to survive the spica cast days, in case someone ever finds this blog and needs some help as we did, but today I want to focus on how amazing my little boy is.

When the cast was first fitted we were told that once it came off, that little people “get on with it very quickly” and “don’t need much help” so I guess I was expecting him to do just that and get up and walk very soon once the cast came off.  The reality is actually very different to what you expect and build up in your head.  I think part of the process is that you are so damn focused on getting to the point of having the cast removed that you forget that there is still work to do once the blimming thing comes off.

Last pic of K in his spica - about 5 mins before removal

Last pic of K in his spica – about 5 mins before removal

There were two things that I was not prepared for.  How LIGHT my boy would be after the removal (one gets used to lugging close to 23kg’s around all day) and how THIN he was.  I expected his legs to be thinner but I was really shocked to see how his total body mass had deteriorated in those 3 weeks.

Skinny body

skinny body

That said my little warrior would put slight pressure on his leg when you would make him stand from about an hour after spica removal and was sitting on his own beautifully.  I had read (God bless Google) that often children coming out of spica cast’s need to regain muscle strength to sit on their own and would need support but thankfully Kade was fine immediately in that department.

Off we went home where it was heaven to BATH him properly for the first time in 3 weeks.  His chafing sores had healed well under the cast from the bed sore cream we had been using and his chafing on his legs was not as severe as I had seen in my research.  It took 2 days for my warrior to find the confidence to stand supporting himself on the coffee table and was soon rolling around on the floor like a monkey.  But still not ready to put pressure on that leg or to even attempt to walk.

Standing for the first time sans spica cast

Standing for the first time sans spica cast

I am happy to say that with each passing day this little dude has managed to surprise and impress me with his tenacity.  From figuring out how to leopard bum shuffle to get around to pulling himself up to walking tentatively whilst holding our hands to slowly, slowly walking on his own.  He is pretty much walking on his own now.  He still has balance wobblies every now and then and sometimes has a slight limp when he walks (mostly when Mom or Dad are watching) but we are so very proud with how well our son has dealt with his recovery. 

His smile makes the whole ordeal worth it.  The pride we feel when we can see how proud he is that he’s doing something “big” again is just amazing.

2013-04-15 06.41.29 2013-04-15 17.22.37 2013-04-17 17.40.02

Tomorrow we see our orthopedic surgeon for a follow up appointment to ensure that Kade’s progress is where it should be after spica removal and we will be told whether he needs any physio. 

It’s funny you know, with all that life has thrown at me of late, my tough little dude has taught me that with a smile and a good heart, anything can be overcome.  Whether it be a broken femur or a broken heart, life goes on and we just need to tackle it with as much joy and fervour as we can muster. 

It won’t always be fun and easy (I’ve only posted the good pics, there are many with moany faces) but it’s worth it in the end…

2013-04-17 17.44.58



16 thoughts on “My tough little dude…

  1. Thanks for the update on Kade, Sam. I was wondering how he is doing. I’m glad that the worst is over and I’m sure all will be fine for your appointment with the orthopedic surgeon…


  2. He certainly is a tough little trouper. Lucky for him he has such a brave beautiful mom and dad. Obviously where he gets ut from. Hope and pray its all good news


  3. Oh Gosh, it must have been so tough ! You both lost weight it looks like !! Both of you look great and you can tell that your boy is very spirited !! All the best and wishing you a speedy 150% recovery !!
    ((hugs)), sophie


  4. I am going through exactly the same situation as yourself. My 2 year old broke her femur 5 weeks ago and had a hip spica cast fitted. The evening she did this was such a blur and probably one of the worst in my life so far. We were in the safety of our own home when she fell over and on carpet??? Seems the twist before the fall that didn’t help. So not only are we going through the shock that our 2 year old daughter had broke her leg but also she had to have a general anaesthetic to fix it. The pain she must have been in must have been immense I just can’t imagine. The whole time she didn’t really cry it was more of a wimper I think she was in shock. The doctors and nurses could not believe how comfortable she was considering the ” bad” break!! She’s is such a brave girl, she was in pain in the night awaiting the hip spica application with muscle spasms, just as she was going to sleep and all the muscle would relax she was getting muscle cramps around the break which made her jump out of her skin it seemed.
    We are in the final week with the cast and life has changed for us so much. I can’t believe how I have coped daily with this big trauma, but seeing how well my daughter has coped has kept me going and seeing her still smiling just inspires me. I kept going over and over in my head how did it break?? Why did it break?? She’s 2, 2 year old should not break a femur??? I also kept thinking if I hadn’t of gone to the wallpaper shop after my school run then the evening would have been different and she would not have broke her femur?? I also have 3 other children so life for us all have changed. Such as going out in the car was such a big deal. I have spent a lot of these past 5 weeks walking with my little girl as luckily she has still been able to fit into her normal buggy. She tells me where to go “not that way mum”. Also she’ll ask me to get something and I’ll get it for her then she’ll say no not that one so after about four times I’ll get the right one!!! Diva fever I think she may have developed!!! Ha!! She loves a carry so every time she asks I’ll give her a carry around the house just in case she’s missing on on something!! But not for long as she weighs a absolute tonne. I’ve developed a bad neck, bad back. I feel drained everyday but I just keep thinking “imagine how she feels!!!
    We went for a X-ray 2 weeks ago and there was another little girl in the waiting room about the same age as my daughter, she had a cast on and we got talking to her parents and they were saying that she also had a hip spica last year and now this cast, they said she has brittle bone disease so she can break bones easily, so she will have things like this for the rest of her life. I then thought to myself how unlucky I had been with my daughter breaking her femur then thought I’m not so unlucky am I. She’s having the cast of in 2 days, so excited about it and really excited about putting her in the bath. It’s been a long five weeks but life throws these things at you and it makes you even stronger.
    Thanks for your story, our kids are strong little troopers x



    • Thank you so much for posting your experiences of having a toddler with a spica. Your little boy is gorgeous and you must be so pleased to have he cast off and be getting back to normal. My little boy is 2 years old and had exactly he same thing, spiral fracture of his left femur after falling over a cushion on carpet at home. I couldn’t believe he had broken his leg, I thought it was ridiculous. He is hopefully getting his cast removed next weekend, a total of 7 weeks in his cast. The first cast he had on for the first week was rubbish, and his bone had moved so he had to go under anaesthetic again to have a new one put on. Luckily this one has lasted and worked better. It is so stressful, but reading other peoples experiences does help! I really appreciate your posts!
      Hopefully my little one will recover fairly quickly and Im Sure it will all be a distant memory soon! I hope your little boy is fully recovered now!


  5. Thank you so much for making this blog public!! I am currently googling trying to see if what my tough little dude (2 years old) is going through is normal. He was in a hip spica cast for 5 1/2 weeks. He had it removed on December 17, 2014. (I realize this blog is like a year old). I was told “oh kids this age bounce back like nothing. He will be walking in no time. It will be like it never happened.” Its been 3 days, he sits no problem, kind of crawls but drags his leg like its a dead leg. He will NOT put pressure on his leg to stand or even walk. Many times when I go to change his clothes or diaper his whole body starts to tremor, he cries out, & grabs his leg (like he did when he broke it). I’m worried either they took it off too early, he hurt it again, or maybe he just has severe anxiety. I’m thinking of calling the dr on Monday if he’s not getting better unless I can find that what he’s doing is normal. Suggestions??


    • Hi Athena, my son broke his leg back in April when he was about 2 1/2. It did take him quite a few days to begin to walk on his leg, I think he was scared to put weight on it. I can’t remember how long exactly. Just give your son time, and praise him if he does attempt anything. Try distracting him, like playing a game where he’s need to lean on it or support him standing, like putting a toy on the sofa and standing behind him so he can play. Make sure u go back to the docs soon just to have a check up and put ur mind at ease! If u want to chat about it, feel free to email me. If it’s any help, my son had his on for 8 weeks, and is 7 months on now and running around no problem!


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