Has it really been THAT long?

Time has literally flown and I cannot believe that it has been THAT long since I posted here.  I have been reading and trying to keep up with you all but suffice it to say life has been HECTIC in so many ways, work, personal, it’s been stressful, manic, crazy and so good at times that it has taken my breath away.

With that being said, there have been some things happening in my life that I feel that I can’t put out here.  They are intensly personal and becuase of this I have been giving A LOT of thought to going private…

So now you know that my intentions are to make this here blog private.

If you are keen to continue reading my story please email me on se-ri-ous_sam at hotmail dot com and I will arrange to have access given to you.  This might entail you signing up for a wordpress account at some point but I will email you back with the details once I have them all worked out on my side…

I’ve missed you guys.