T-7 Days till we move….

… and I am quietly freaking out!

Not only because I have only packed a measly two boxes of our stuff in preparation for the move but also because it now feels too soon.  Too hectic.  Too big a thing to be happening right now.  I’m excited too though, cannot wait to move into the home we’ve chosen for our family.  The hounds are going to LOVE the huge garden and Kade is going to have loads of fun playing soccer and cricket on our new expansive lawn.

The thing is this.

We’ve lived in our current home for over 9 years.  It’s the house that became our home.  It’s about the carport renovation, the new swanky patio where we’ve entertained a LOT, the new stairs which converted our home into a safe place instead of a rollercoaster death trap.  It’s where my husband proposed to me. (on the old death trap staircase)  It’s where we arrived the day after our wedding amped but tired to open pressies.  It’s been the place that’s kept us safe, warm and sheltered.

The stories those four walls could tell are countless.  The arguments about money for ivf, the ensconcement after too many failed treatments.  The place where we celebrated our eventual pregnancy success and the place that we brought our son home to.  It’s where we’ve seen our bug grow from baby to big boy.  Where we’ve danced manically, laughed our heads off.  Where we’ve cried – from sadness and joy.  It’s where I grieved in my husband’s arms when my Dad passed away.

This house – our HOME is the place we’ve made and created some of the worst and some of the best memories of our life together.

I know that there will be special times in our new house.  That there will be challenges we have to face together there and as we grow to know our new home, that new memories will be created.  But I am sad to be leaving our current home.  I think I’ll probably have a quiet moment next week when it’s all empty and say a prayer for the family who will be taking ownership of “our place”.

I can only hope and pray that they have as blessed a time in that house as we have.



6 thoughts on “T-7 Days till we move….

  1. Sjoe Sam it is hard saying goodbye to a treasured and lvoed friend. The great thing though is that those memories live in you and not hte house and they will travel with you (I know you know that and it’s still hard saying goodbye).

    Best of luck with the move, I understand the stress having been through the move ourselves back in December, but it will be such an adevnture building new precious memories in your new home. Just think this is the house Kade will grow up in. The house he will think back on when he reaches our age and fondly remembers his childhood.


  2. I think it’s perfectly natural to feel the way you do. And I also KNOW that you will make the best new memories in your new home. Much love. xx


  3. Aaah, I can only imagine how many mixed feelings you are having. The great thing about memories is that they will always be you are, and won’t stay behind in the old house ! Just think of all the new ones you are going to make in your new home. Good luck with the move xx


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