Monster Bash!

We hosted Kade’s little Monster 2nd birthday party bash over the weekend at Elf’s Hill in Chartwell.

It was so much fun and I can honestly recommend the venue – what an amazing place that caters for kids of all ages.  Kade was super cute cos he understood this year that all the fuss was about him and we’d been practicing the blowing out of the candles and singing Happy Birthday all week since his “actual” birthday on Monday last week.

It was cold out there tho (the down side of having had a winter baby!) but everyone had a good time and loads of smiling kids made it worth while.

Thanks to everyone who made his party day so special!

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10 thoughts on “Monster Bash!

  1. Hi there
    i was planning on doing Luca’s monster party either 2nd or 3rd birthday. Got so many ideas onPinteest but your Cake and cupcakes are AMAZING! please can you share your contact with me….unless you baked it offcourse! thanks T ps: congratulations with his Birthday!! Luca is right behind him 5 months to go!


  2. LOVELY pics – love the one of you and him the most of course 🙂 🙂

    Yes, it is sad for the winter babies – that’s why I have a half year birthday for them too to run around in nice shorts and skimpy t-shirts 🙂 so I can get SUMMER pics!

    And beautiful cake – now that I am duly shocked about the prices of cakes in Jhb, I’m thinking I should have gone into cakes!


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