Me time…

Yesterday I finally caved and made an appointment to see my chiropractor.  After a two-day long pounding headache I knew I couldn’t ignore my bodies signs to get myself sorted out any longer.  My awesome chiropractor worked me and told me that he’s never seen me in such bad shape chiropractically speaking.  And then he said something to me that really made me think.

He asked me why us mother’s found it so hard to take care of ourselves as well as our families.  His words hit me like a slap in the face.  Because aren’t we all as mothers guilty of this?  We put ourselves last EVERY time.

It’s a silly example but why on earth don’t I take better care of myself in terms of my chiro visits?  I’ve been a chiro patient for many years and I know that having my once a month alignment does wonders for my over all well-being.  Why then have I neglected to go for so long?  It’s not like it takes up so much time after all?  Leaving work once a month an hour earlier to get to an appointment just after 17h00 and meaning that I get home at my usual time anyway does not seem like too big an ask.  Yet.  It’s taken me 10 months to get my ass back to my chiropractor and only then because I could not ignore my body and it’s needs any more.

We love to martyr ourselves and moan that we never get time to ourselves and yet when push comes to shove do we take it?  I know it’s not always so easy to take your me time when your kids are babies and highly dependant on you, but are they really going to suffer if you go to the hairdresser/beautician/chiro/art class etc once or twice a month?

The simple fact is that we need to have this me time.  It helps us remember that we were more than just mothers before our babies came along.  So I am going to be making an effort to ensure that I get my me time a lot more often than I have been (read never).

Because in at the end of the day, having that time is going to make me a better wife and mother.

And I’m worth it…


6 thoughts on “Me time…

  1. Ugh…I feel a bit selfish posting this as i wouldn’t say i put myself last in the list of priorities after being a mother. I know I need me time and I have always baked on Dh’s help to make sure I can go for a massage or a hair appointment occasionally. I’m glad you are now dedicating some time to yourself too!


  2. Well, I think there are those that get it right and those that don’t. I fall into the latter. My boys are my everything and I think of them before I think of myself. I’ll rather save up the medical savings for their future needs than my own. I’ll think to feed them first before I feed myself. I last saw a hairdresser for my own hair a week before I gave birth (9 months ago) Thank heavens I don’t colour my hair!!!

    I have 2 boys and I’m yet to figure out how to have more me time. I’m with them 24/7. Not even a drive in the car is by myself unless hubby is home for 15 minutes – and I always make sure one of them is sleeping so that he doesn’t have more than 1 to run after!

    I’m glad you’re trying to change this! I am in desperate need of a chiro too – my hips are NOT in a happy place and they’re getting unhappier by the week!

    I know it’s about balance. But the priorities and responsibility we are trying to balance always has a measure of importance. And we know we can survive without certain things so we do – until we become martyrs.

    Good luck in taking up this challenge!


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