Social Conscience

This morning on twitter Anita tweeted that it broke her heart to see street kids sleeping on the street with nothing more than plastic and cardboard to keep them warm.  A sentiment that I strongly concur with.  As I said to her, we complain about being cold when we really have no idea what cold is – us with our roof’s over our heads, our heaters and our warm duvets.  It’s a wake up call for us all to remember how darn lucky we actually are.

At the beginning of this year I really wanted to ensure that I made an effort to get more involved with things that allowed me to be more socially signifcant.  I’ve increased my volunteer work and a few weekends back we visited a place of refuge for abused women and children in the heart of Jhb.

These women have had life hard.  Many of them arrive at the shelter in the dead of night, broken and bleeding with crying children in tow.  The kids.  How my heart breaks for the kids.  They are stuck inside the shelter day and night as their moms are too scared to let them out in case the people who abused them find them, take them away and use them as leverage to get the Mom’s back into the cycle of abuse.

These women – they inspired me so much.  When they shared how they came to be in the home with me, I was horrified.  And so sad for them.  But I was also inately proud of each and every one of them.  These women are taking the chance at a new life and they are trying to break the cycle of abuse for their children.

We talked and listened.  We huggged.  We served them a nice meal and put on a show for their kids.  We prayed with those that wanted prayer.  We loved on the babies.  We gave them a small pack of toiletries to tide them over for a while.

Anita said she wished there was more she could do for those street kids she saw this morning.  I think we all in some way feel that we wish we could do more.  There is so much lack in this world.

But I know from perosnal experience this year, that just doing SOMETHING can make a huge difference in the lives of  those who need it.  A small bit of love or prayer, a can of deoderant and a nice meal on a Saturday at a home/shelter/soup kitchen – a little of bit something goes a long way in the end.

If each of us just do a little something, we can make a difference in this world.  I’m grateful that I’m learning this as I go this year.


4 thoughts on “Social Conscience

  1. Every little bit helps. I have also been involved with a similar shelter in our town, and if everyone that sees something like that just act upon it, a huge difference can be made…


  2. My heart really goes out to these woman but I’m so glad that they didn’t stay and put up with the abuse. I really pray that they are able to make life for themselves out of the shelter. Well done on doing your little part Sam!


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