That sound you hear?

It’s my heart breaking. 

Big Fucking Negative!!!!

Going quiet for a few days.  Thanks to you all for your support and love, it has been amazing.


33 thoughts on “That sound you hear?

  1. Oh babe, I am so so sorry. It’s just the most empty feeling and it hurts so much. Having had the same news very recently, I feel it with you hun and if I can do anything at all, please let me know xx


  2. Oh my fucking fuck. I just cannot believe it. I am so incredibly angry right now. Why on earth, I just dont understand. I was rooting for you this whole cycle. I am so so so so so sorry xxx


  3. Im so sorry. You hibernate for a while.. when youre ready to flip out and yell and break things? Come find me. I can take it. I am praying for you.



  4. Here from our shared LFCA post:

    We have too fucking much in common. I’m, literally, feeling your pain. The good (BAD) thing about all this: We’re not alone.


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