The End?


Looks like this is as close as I get to having a baby scan for now… late yesterday afternoon I had a reasonably big bleed, so I rushed home and bought some HPT’s and took one.  Stark white negative. 

I went in for an early beta this morning – just to confirm what my head and my heart already know.

This sucks.  Huge hairballs.


10 thoughts on “The End?

  1. SUCK SUCK SUCK SUCK!!! That’s a total understatement. I’m devastated for you Budg, like you I truly believed this was it!


  2. Oh no, I’m so so sorry sweet Sam. There’s nothing I can say that will take your hurt away but I’m here when you want to talk and I’m keeping you and Cliff in my prayers.

    Big hugs xxx


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