The End?


Looks like this is as close as I get to having a baby scan for now… late yesterday afternoon I had a reasonably big bleed, so I rushed home and bought some HPT’s and took one.  Stark white negative. 

I went in for an early beta this morning – just to confirm what my head and my heart already know.

This sucks.  Huge hairballs.

10 thoughts on “The End?

  1. SUCK SUCK SUCK SUCK!!! That’s a total understatement. I’m devastated for you Budg, like you I truly believed this was it!

  2. Oh no, I’m so so sorry sweet Sam. There’s nothing I can say that will take your hurt away but I’m here when you want to talk and I’m keeping you and Cliff in my prayers.

    Big hugs xxx

  3. Oh Sam. Crying quietly at my desk for you and Cliff. This stuff is so not bloody fair. You deserve so much more that this.

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