Trenery A/W 2017 Collection Launch

So I’ve been feeling a bit like I’ve lost myself as a person the last while, and when my friend Jeanette asked me if I wanted to be her plus one at the Woolworths Trenery A/W collection launch last night I jumped at the chance!

A night out with a good friend, watching a fashion show?  Yes please!

Trenery (3)

It all felt very “Sex in the City” sitting on the runway with the most delicious champers with my runway booklet and pencil to evaluate my preferred looks as the (most gorgeous) models strutted their stuff.

Admittedly I am not a regular Trenery shopper.  I look at their ranges and whilst I love them I often think of my pocket and the fact that I have two kids to feed and school and wistfully walk past.

Trenery (1)

Last night changed my perspective on this.  After seeing the most gorgeous silk utility shirt in verdant green and a few pairs of fitted trousers that caught my eye, I am of the mind that it might be prudent to invest in core pieces from this range and build around them.  I am also totes in love with the Catherine Nubuck loafers!  Like obsessed in love!

Trenery (2)

I had the most wonderful time, drinking champers, sampling the most divine canapes and laughing with a good friend with not a discussion about snotty noses, school or what the hell to do during school holidays to stay sane!  It felt good to be an adult woman, enjoying fashion and friendship.  Thank you again Jents for inviting me!  I had the BEST time.

Trenery (4)



Sing us a song…You’re the tone deaf mom…

I am NO singer.

I mean I love to sing in my car and can bust a move while singing along to my favourite tune but Idols will never be on my bucket list of life.  If it were I would probably be a shoe in for the wooden mike.

That being said, I have found a really effective tool that I use with the kids when they are pushing back on doing something that I am asking them to do.  I make up funny little ditties and we sing them together to get the job done… tone deaf mom and all!

Gemma is not keen on brushing her teeth at the moment and I made up a song about brushing teeth when Kade was small so now we all dance and sing the song like loons and she now asks to brush her teeth.  This is the song we sing (or hum when the toothbrushes are in our mouths)


“Brush, Brush, Brush your teeth, Get them nice and clean…. Get them clean and sparkling… Brush, Brush, Brush your teeth”  (to the tune of Row your boat)  Some mornings we do it opera style, some mornings we are rock stars, sometimes even heavy metal goes down.  The main thing is my kids teeth are brushed and in good nick.

The other song I love to sing with them is the Mr Bum Bum song.  Kade hated having his butt washed while he was potty training but there was often just cause to give it an extra good clean (my worse part of motherhood is the poo undies/panties, it makes me GRIIILLL).  So I made up the Mr Bum bum song which we sing in the bath while we wash his and her butts.  It goes like this:

“Mr Bum Bum, let out a fart… make the room smell like pineapple tart… bum bum bum, Mr Bum Bum lets get you clean, cos this bum is a farting machine! Mr Bum Bum, you are so cute… cos this bum is a little poop chute”

Both the kids LOVE this silly little song and wiggle and waggle their butts to it in the bath.  I laugh and laugh.


There are many songs I’ve made up to get my kids to do the things they are giving me a hard time about doing…

What is your mommy hack for getting things done when your kids are defiant?

Need some advise…

Whilst being a mother is without a doubt one of the best things that has ever happened in my life, I have to admit that there are times when things are hard.  Each developmental stage is so different and they each come with their own set of challenges and frustrations.

Something is happening with my child that is driving me absolutely batshit crazy and I have no idea what is causing it and what to do to fix this situation.  Kade is 15 months old now (sidebar – how the frigging heck did THAT happen??)  and I don’t know if this is an age thing or what but something has got to give and considering I’m no longer a drinker it can’t be a bottle of wine giving me solace…

So.  We went away for a weekend about two months ago.  When we got back Kade went thru a patch where he (who used to absolutely LOVE bath time) would cry if we put him in the bath for bath time.  We asked my mom if he’d slipped in the bath whilst with her and she said no.  We asked Thembi if perhaps he’d fallen into the bath whilst at home during the say – she said no.  He’d cling to us and lets just say that bath time was unpleasant and slightly stressful.  This seemed to blow over after about 2 weeks and we soon went back to a happy bath time.

Until about a week and a half ago.

He’s started this again.  Except it’s worse.  WAY, WAY worse.  He screams blue murder and cries uncontrollably and even tries to climb out the bath.  He is one hundred percent fine whilst we run the bath.  He likes to watch us prep the bath and chats (babbles) away to us.  But as soon as we start to undress him he starts freaking out.  And by freaking out I mean FREAKING OUT.  Screaming and crying and kicking his legs.  I’m sure the neighbors must think we are murdering him.  Its getting so bad that we literally have to restrain him to get him bathed and it’s becoming a fight every night.

We’ve made sure the water temperature is 100% perfect. We’ve tried to sit in the bath with him to show him he’s safe.  We’ve tried to distract him with a funky new bath toy.  We’ve tried holding him close to give him a sense of security.  We’ve tried reasoning with him (well as much as one can with a 15 month old).  We’ve tried being stern with him.  We’ve created a character called Captain Bathtub (the shower rinser thingi) that “calls” him to tell him to not be scared/angry in the bath.

Honestly I am at my wits end.

Bath time is becoming too stressful and not at all the happy family time that it used to be.  What frustrates me to no end is he cannot TELL me what the heck is freaking him out.  I cannot figure out what is causing this.  I don’t want my child to HATE bath time.  I want it to be a fun time for him – as indeed it used to be.

Has anyone had this happen to them?  What did you do to fix it?


Fun in the Snow

Living in South Africa, snow is not something that we see very often.  We do have certain regions in our country where it snows, but these are few and far between and are generally in far flung places.

It’s really out of the norm for us “Johannesburgers” to see snow, so yesterday when many parts of our city got snow it caused much pandemonium,  fun and joy.  If I’m not mistaken the last time JHB had snow like this was in 1981 or thereabouts.  I’m sure that productivity was at an all time low in many companies in JHB yesterday!

We had quite a bit of snow at our offices and we all were like kids running outside in it, dancing and having snowball fights with each other.  I really loved every minute of it.  It reminded me to not always be so serious.  To live in the moment and to take every opportunity I’m given to celebrate this life that I have.

I’ve made a mental note for myself to try and seize moments like yesterday more often.

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Letting your hair down

Often after a failed treatment (ok after each and every big treatment I’ve had fail) I decide that it’s time for us to let our hair down, to chill and get wild and remember that before we were trying to have a baby we were just people who loved each other and had fun with each other.  Time to remember that there is more to our relationship than just trying to procreate.

So it worked out just fine and dandy that my cousin’s wedding fell within a week of our failed fresh IVF # 2.  The wedding was held in the middle of the bush at a place called Bundu Lodge and when we arrived there on Friday, I was stressing for the bride and groom – it was POURING with rain… And they did not have a back up plan for the outside in the middle of the bush wedding!  Thankfully Mother Nature played nice and the sun came out in all it’s glory for their wedding day…

We really let our hair down and partied the night away.  It felt so good to just be Cliff and Sam the husband and wife, Cliff and Sam the people who loved each other, and Cliff and Sam who are more than the people they’ve become through their walk with infertility.





I wish I could rememer to be those people more often.