Saving the day with the PJ Masks {WIN!}

PJ Masks Hamper R2000.00


If like me, you live with serious PJ Mask fans, you will be familiar with the phrases “Into the night to save the day” “Super Cat Speed”  “Super Owl wings” and “Super Lizard Grip” and know the in’s and out’s of how these super hero’s work together to defeat the villians Romeo, Luna Girl and Night Ninja!

If you don’t know who the PJ Masks are, what rock have you been living under? Seriously they have to be THE cutest toddler super hero’s ever!  By day they are Connor (Catboy), Amaya (Owelette) and Greg (Gekko) but by night they transform into hero’s who solve challenges and literally “save the day”.  Villains are silly and always leave clues for our hero’s who solve the problem that they have caused and make everything great for the next day at school again.  Don’t tell anyone but I have quite the soft spot for the villians – all of them have their own insecurities and I love that as part of the solution more often than not the PJ Masks befriend them to solve the challenges they find themselves facing.

Dual pack figures

I know many moms have been asking when the PJ Masks toys will be hitting South African shores and the GREAT news is THEY ARE HERE!

The team at Just Fun Kidz have brought in the most amazing ranges – masks, figurines, cuddly plushes, deluxe vehicles, bath squirters… you name it they probably have it!  My kids were super lucky to be sent  hamper of PJ Masks toys to review – the hamper included 2 x Basic vehicles which each came with their respective PJ Mask articulated figurine, 1 x Deluxe Vehicle which repeats key phrases from the TV show and has lights and sounds features, as well as the appropriate articulated hero and 3 x Dual Figure packs which each contained 2 x articulated figurines – this meant we got all 6 characters and I swear my kids were in heaven!

Basic vehicle all 3

I loved that the vehicles all allowed space for all the hero’s to be seated just like they would be in the TV show.  They are tough and durable and the toys have been played with non stop in my home and are still looking brand new.  I am loving hearing the new story lines that my kids are coming up with as well.  I love that their imaginations are being stimulated and that they are thinking of new things for the villains to get up to so they can save the day.

Deluxe Vehcile

Speaking of story lines, I teamed up with Sharon from the Blessed Barrenness and Maz from Caffeine and Fairydust on a very cool Facebook live video, if you didn’t tune in live head on over there to see exactly what you missed!


Who wants to win a PJ Masks hamper valued at R2000.00?  It will include the following items:

1 x Deluxe Vehicle & figure

2 x Basic Vehicles & figures

3 x Dual Figurine packs (all 6 characters!)

To enter:

  1. Tag 3 friends on the pinned PJ Mask competition post on my Facebook page – Sam’s Communique – to let them know about this awesome prize! (I would love it if you gave my page a like while you’re there anyway… but this is not required!)
  2. Follow me on Twitter, and tweet about this competition tagging @theclam AND @just_fun_kidz
  3. Comment below to let me know who your favourite PJ Mask character is!
  • Winners will be drawn randomly on 15th June 2017 and judges decision is final
  • No correspondence will be entered into regarding the final decision
  • Winner will have 3 working days to claim said prize – if not claimed within this period, a new winner will be drawn and announced
  • If you have won this hamper on either Sharon or Maz’s blog’s you will automatically be disqualified.
  • I reserve the right to disqualify entries should all entry mechanism’s not be followed.


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Having the time of their life at #NickFest!

My kids watch a fair amount of TV and their favourite shows are mostly found on the Nickelodeon channels.  Gemma is obsessed with Dora and friends (and is convinced that Dora is actually her best friend) and Kade is a huge Turtles fan not to mention Spongebob and Blaze.  Naturally when they started seeing adverts for NickFest, the pester power started!  “Mom can we go to NickFest?”  “Mom do you know that it’s soon NickFest?”  “Mom did you see that there is going to be SLIME at NickFest?”  NickFest this, NickFest that.  To say Kade was slightly NickFest obsessed would be an understatement.

Then we got an invite to attend NickFest and guys, I don’t think you have ever seen two more excited kids!  I won’t lie I totally used the threat of not going to NickFest to control the behavior in my home for a whole week.

Nickfest (1)

I tell you the kids were in heaven on the day!  They got to meet the Turtles, Dora, Pablo and Kate and the pups from Paw Patrol on the orange carpet.  In real life!  They were in awe.  (To be honest so was I)  Gems got to hug Dora and Pablo and she keeps asking me when she is going to Dora’s house again.

Nickfest (9)

NickFest (8)

NickFest (7)

NickFest is an assault on your senses!  There is SO much to see and do.  Giant puzzles, kid’s rides, face painters, climbing walls, a PlayStation area, the Showmax maze and the Kinderjoy area.  This is a very well attended event and all of the entertainment areas are free of charge, so do expect to stand in a few queues.  We did not get to see and experience all that there was to do because once the shows started we could not get the kids to move away from the stage.  The shows were cleverly put together and had cute story lines to them and there was a lot of interaction with the kids needing to shout out, dance and sing along.  When I asked Kade what his favourite part was he said “watching Shredder get his butt kicked” – LOL!


Nickfest (3)

I was hesitant about pre booking for the slime pit because I didn’t want to pay for the tickets and have my kids all of a sudden say no when actually faced with swimming in slime.  We had been told we could purchase slime access tickets on the day, however when I went to purchase them I was advised that they had sold out the day before – so if this is something your kids show interest in doing at NickFest, don’t be a dork like me and pre-book your tickets to avoid any disappointment.

Nickfest (5)

All in all we had a fantastic morning out and by the time we got home I was exhausted!  So were the kids.  We will most definitely be putting this event onto our annual calendar!

Nickfest (6)

#NaturesFarmsChallenge – Savory inspired goodness

We’ve been trying out the Nature’s Farms products for a few weeks now and I have to say I am IN LOVE with their packaging.  It is clean, colourful and just screams “buy me, buy me.”

Natures Farms Savoury (1)

It doesn’t hurt that the products are really yummy too!  Once Gemma started feeling better she scoffed a whole bag of their black forest biscuits on her own and I have had to resort to taking the shortbread biscuits to work to even get one for myself!

Natures Farms Gen (2)

I’ve used the pasta a few times and I even made an old favourite that my Dad used to love eating last week Sunday – pap, booerewors and spicy sauce.  I used to make maize meal a lot growing up and I have to say this one cooks up so nicely and is smooth and just all round delicious!

BUT my savory challenge dish was actually a Bobotie inspired dish… I love bobotie but my family are not so keen on it so I took my usual recipe and gave it a bit of a twist… If you want to try it out here goes:

Bobotie Inspired Spicy Pasta Dish


¾ bag              Natures Farms pasta shells

2                         Onions

1                          Egg per plate served

Splash              Olive oil

500 grams       Extra Lean Beef mince

5ml                    Tumeric

2ml                    Cumin

2tsp                   Fresh green chilli’s

2tsp                   Fresh ginger

Handful            Fresh coriander

2 tbsp                Apricot jam

Small tin          Tomato paste

60ml                  Mrs Balls Hot Chutney

30ml                  Worcester sauce

2 handfuls        Seedless raisins

Salt & Pepper to taste


Chop onions and saute with garlic in olive oil

Add cumin and salt & pepper

Add mince bit by bit and fry until browned

Add tomato paste, ginger, chilli’s, apricot jam, chutney, Worcester sauce and fry on low heat (I added some light white wine to my sauce, again not necessary but you might want to add some water to have the sauce a bit less thick if you wish)

Boil water for pasta shells and cook until al dente – I added the 5ml of turmeric to the water to colour the pasta shells yellow but this is not necessary

Boil water and cook eggs until hard boiled (approximately 8 minutes)

Add raisins to the mince sauce and fry for a further 2 minutes

Plate pasta on the side of your plate, cover in mince sauce, and slice boiled eggs and place on top of the mince sauce, sprinkle with fresh coriander to taste


Natures Farms Savoury (2)

I have had the BEST FUN with this challenge – thank you to GWK Group and #NaturesFarms for asking me to take part.

If you wish to purchase these awesome products head into your local Pick n Pay, or for more information on Natures farms find them on Facebook, Twitter or via their website.


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#NaturesFarmsChallenge – Sweet : my twisted recipe

I bet you guys didn’t know that I love cooking? Growing up, my sister and I were expected to have started the evening meal by the time my folks got home from work, so cooking is something that I’ve always done and enjoyed.

The good people at Natures Farms challenged me a few weeks back to come up with a South African recipe with a twist and I was so chuffed.  A cooking challenge?  Me : “Whoo hoooo!”

Natures Farms (1)

Then I got thinking about what I constituted as traditional South African food… Braai’s, Bobotie, Koeksusters (ooh I should have done these actually), Melktert, Pap en sous, Morogo…  I couldn’t decide if I wanted to do a sweet dish or a savory dish, so I just thought “fudge it, I’m going to do both.”

Natures Farms Sweet (1)

For my sweet offering, I decided to give a new twist to a dish that I am sure is a favourite in every South African home – the Melktert!  The recipe I used makes two smallish tarts or one large one.

Microwave Ginger & Clementine Melktert


6 cups                   Full cream milk

3 whole                Clementine’s

3/4 cups               White sugar

5 tbsp                    Natures Farms cake wheat flour

5tbsp                     Maizina (I actually used 10tbsp of the Natures Farms cake wheat flour)

1 tbsp                    Butter

3                              Eggs

5ml                         Vanilla essence

1 packet               Natures Farms Ginger Biscuits

Sprinkle of          Cinnamon


Extract juice of the 3 clementines

Pour the milk & clementine juice in a large dish and microwave for approximately 15 – 20 minutes to boiling point.

Crush your Natures Farms Ginger Biscuits and pack them in your tart dish for the base.

Cream the butter & sugar together

Add the eggs and mix

Add the maizina & flour & mix well

Thinly grate rinds of the clementine peels and add to the mixture (this is an optional step but I found it added GREAT flavour and a new texture dimension to the tart)

Once milk is boiled pour the flour mixture in (be careful because it can bubble over, pour a drop first and then the rest) and mix well

Microwave 6 minutes & stir well twice in-between

Add the vanilla essence and mix

Pour mixture into your tart dish on top of the Natures Farms Ginger biscuits

Sprinkle cinnamon to taste on top of mixture

Thinly grate some clementine rinds on top of mixture and add garnish if required

Set in the fridge for approximately 30 minutes


Natures Farms Sweet (2)

My family loved this twisted Melktert and squashed it in 2 days flat!  You can purchase your Natures Farms products at your local Pick n Pay (and get some Super Animal cards while you’re at it) and try out my twisted Melktert for yourself – if you do try it please let me know what you thought!

Keep an eye out for my SAVORY dish which was my personal best of the two I created!

For more information on Natures Farms find them on Facebook, Twitter or via their website.


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Jonesing for a trip to Times Square?

Ever since I can remember there have been two places on my bucket list to visit before I die.  One is Russia (which I fell in love with after watching Doctor Zhivago in my early teens)  and the other is The Big Apple!

new york iconic

Growing up I was captivated by images of the Empire State building, the statue of Liberty, Times Square and of course Central Park.  We moved a lot owing to a father in the military but I mostly grew up in little dorpies and I longed to know what it felt like to live in a city.  A place that was noisy and busy and that never slept.

Then I hit my twenties and “Sex in the City” entered my realm.



My lust for New York City exploded!  I was working out in the bush at a game lodge and the girls and I used to meet in one of our staff lodges weekly to get our fix of the show and the city that captivated us.  Sitting on those couches stuffing our faces with ice cream and Oreo’s we would dream of having a brown stone like Carrie’s or giggle about being as bold as Samantha when it came to our sexuality!

If like me, going to New York has always been on your list of things to do in this life, but it seems like it’s a little out of reach (hello rand dollar exchange!) I have some excellent news for you… Oreo is giving 3 families the chance to win a once in a lifetime trip to New York!  You will explore all the the iconic landmarks (lucky fishes!), the parks, historic hoods and get to visit the birthplace of OREO – the OREO Factory!

It couldn’t be easier to enter…

Grab your (176g or 429g) box of OREO from your nearest store, text the last 5 digits of the barcode to 40185 or (armed with the self same barcode) enter online HERE

While you enter I will sit quietly and sneakily eat all the Oreo goodness that I got at the #jozimeetup and continue with my dreams of fulling this bucket list trip for myself one day!