Shouty Mom

You would never guess it, but sometimes my kids can be REAL little assholes!


I love the way that they interact with each other (most of the time) but more often than not I feel like I am a referee in a wrestling match and lately all I feel like I am doing is SHOUTING, SCREAMING and throwing some epic adult type tantrums to get them to listen and calm the fudge down…

Seriously, they are driving me absolutely bonkers.  Kade will want to draw.  Gemma will be happily playing with something else but lo and behold she see’s him drawing and she will want that exact crayon/khoki he is using.  She will try and grab it from him, he will scream “noooooooo Gemma” she will start screaming (girls for the record have their own decibel level, God almighty, it can be positively ear bursting the levels she reaches), he’s screaming while clutching said drawing apparatus, she pinches/scratches/smacks to get her way, he starts crying and I am left pulling what little hair I have left out because they are making so much noise I cannot sort it out without screaming like a fishwife raising my voice.

Rinse, repeat.   Over and over and over.


PLEASE tell me I am not the only one who feels like ALL I do lately is scream my head off at my kids???

PLEASE tell me that it gets better??? And if it doesn’t get better send wine, LOADS of it because I truly think it is the only thing that will get me through this halfway sane…


9 thoughts on “Shouty Mom

  1. Oh yes – we don’t have the screeching…yet…but we do have the jealousy thing (especially if mum/dad is giving more attention to one and the other isn’t been given attention) and the I want what he has NOW thing too!! Drinks…loads, hahahaha.


  2. It does get better – at times with the twins it was hell – the one would always want what the other one had. But do not be fooled – the fighting does not stop. The level and sophistication just changes. We are now in the “he/she is looking at me” phase


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