The One about The House…

If you follow me on twitter you will know that we’ve just recently moved back into our house after 3 and a half months of renovation work.  Honestly, I think if the renovations had gone on for one day longer I would be typing this from my padded cell and not from the “comfort” of my office chair.

At first we thought that we would have been able to live in the house whilst the renovations were being done… FOOLS!  We were fools, I really take my hat off to anyone that can live in their house whilst doing major renovations.  THE DUST!!! OMG, THE DUST!!!!  Thankfully we have a one-roomed cottage on top of our double garage so not long after the foundations for the extensions were dug we moved lock stock and barrel into the cottage to give the builders carte blanche in our home.  When I think now that there is literally only one room in our house that we did not amend/renovate I really don’t know how I could have been so dumb to think we could live in the HOUSE while all the work was being done.  Anyway nuff said bout my self stupidity on that matter!

Renovating one’s house is much like going through infertility or entering parenthood for the first time.  People *try* to tell you how hard/stressful/annoying/soul-destroying it can be, but until you actually go through it on your own you never quite grasp the magnitude of just how hard/stressful/annoying/soul-destroying it can be.  Add to this a healthy dose of pregnancy hormones and a toddler who figured out how to push boundaries and you will have a vague idea of what it’s been like for us.  We had a few toddler meltdowns of EPIC proportions, a few adult meltdowns of SUPER EPIC proportions but in the end we got through it.

And I just have to say the house and the SPACE is just divine!  I am so happy with how it’s all worked out and the changes we made have totally lived up to the potential we saw in the house when we decided to put in that offer.  Because if I’m honest the way the house was before?  It kinda sucked.  Being thatch it was DARK.  It was small (as old thatch houses are wont to be) but it was just right for us… once we’d seen through the nasty and could imagine the bright, open, light space that we now live in.

I loved our property when we bought it.  But now I also LOVE our house!


5 thoughts on “The One about The House…

  1. so glad it’s all done – hope I can see it one day but more to the point, here’s your GOLD MEDAL for sticking through all that!

    And photos??>

    PS I fell asleep on Connor’s bed while he went for a last pee (literally a minute and I was out like a light) and our food all burnt – beautiful!


  2. I would NEVER be able to cope with what you coped with in the last few months. You deserve a freaking medal! We are NEVER going to renovate inside the house. I’d much rather sell!


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