Out of the old, into the new…

The move went well.  It was super stressful trying to pack up a house that we’ve lived in for 10 years in a few days but with a LOT of help from my Mom we got it done.  Kade was not really well that week, but a visit midweek to the doc made us feel ok – diagnosed with post nasal drip and antibiotics given.  Moving day he was with my Mom in law for the day and also spent the first night we were in the house with her.

Saying goodbye to our old house was bittersweet.  I was very excited to be moving forward to our new house but I was also sad to leave.  That house held so much of “us” in it.

Then the settling in of our new home started.  And Kade’s health deteriorated.  He got lethargic, started coughing badly and was running a temperature that responded to meds but that kept rising once the meds wore off.  The Saturday after the move, we couldn’t sort out any of the disarray we were living in cos my child (the one who is normally super busy and mobile and won’t sit still for three seconds) literally lay on me the whole day and slept.

On Monday we took him back to the doctor only to be refereed to Olivedale for an emergency paed opinion.  X-rays showed what looked like bronchitis and my GP was taking no chances.  So in the midst of moving house, our boy was admitted to the hospital with bronchial pneumonia.  Cue the stress of juggling who was sleeping over and how to get to work and who would take care of the house etc.  All I can say is thank God for my mother in law – she came every day to stay with Kade so we could get to work considering we had just had a weeks leave to move.  Our days and nights were filled with work, nebulising, antibiotic drips, trying to sleep in those awful hospital chairs.  I will say this, there is nothing like a stay in the paeds ward to make you appreciate a healthy child.

Thankfully our boy is back to his usual self and he has adapted to the new house like a duck to water.  He LOVES the space in the garden and runs around like crazy.  He literally have to bribe him to get inside in the evening.  He rules the roost.

Whilst we are very happy to be in the new house, we have work to do.  We’re meeting with the architect soon to get our plans drawn up so we can start our renovations.  So there is a lot going to go down in the Young household in the months to come.

Here’s a few pics of our new place for your viewing pleasure (all were taken pre move in)!

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14 thoughts on “Out of the old, into the new…

  1. WOW! The place looks awesome, now I am doubly sad that we won’t be able to touch base while I am in town. Hope you guys get settled soon and the architect understands your vision and renovations go smoothly.


  2. Looks great Sam. Good luck with the renovations. 7 years of infertility did not prepare me for the stress of renovations, whilst your are living in the house.


  3. I’m sorry the little one was so unwell! Glad he’s back to himself and who wouldn’t settle in that fabulous place you got yourself?? I love it!!


  4. so sorry about Kade but glad he’s well now. Too true – the sign of a sick toddler is no movement…. 😦

    House is lovely – you get a medal for doing renovations! what’s the plan with those?


  5. Gosh Sam, that must have been a really stressful time with Kade in hospital and you guys moving! Glad your little man is better! I love thatch roofs, we had one when had our farm and I would easily move into another one again…


  6. Okay, I really wish the new house will be good health Juju for Kade. I think there has been some or the other thing up with him constantly for the past few months?

    I love the pics of your house. Good Luck settling in.


  7. You have a beautiful home (but you are brave, renovating, anything reno scares me sh*tless)

    Sorry about Kade falling sick but glad he is better. Thank God for a wonderful MIL

    May the new house bring with it lots of love and laughter xxx


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