Time Away

I’m a firm believer in having some time to get away with your partner.  To reconnect, chat about things other than your child.  To drink wine and get a bit tipsy together.  To have an afternoon nap – guilt free!  To READ.  To cuddle.

After all we’d been through this year, my darling man booked us a night away at the Mount Grace at the beginning of the month.  All I can say is OMG.  Utter bliss. Granny and Pops came to stay over at our house and off we went.

Our room was DIVINE.  We planned to have a midnight skinny dip in the heated pool and to drink lots of red wine.  BUT first an afternoon nap NEEDED to be had.  Then a walk holding hands.  Then sundowners on the lawns in the last of the Autumn sunshine.  Then shower and dinner (where we consumed lots of red wine).  Lets just say it was BLOODY FREEZING that night.  We donned our hotel robes and ran (not to quietly) to the “heated” pool.  Heated it was not.  So with much giggles and sniggering we ran back to our rooms and rather ate chocolate on our bed and watched trashy movies…

I would HIGHLY recommend doing this as often as you can.  In fact we’re busy planning our next weekend away…


7 thoughts on “Time Away

  1. I am so frikken jealous. We dont have family nearby so thats a bummer. We have planned our first night away mid-June and Im gonna freak out when the time comes to leave my babies 😦


  2. Philip and I really need one of these, but it is easy enough to send Josh to someone for the weekend, but noone is willing to try handle Tori for 2 days…however we are doing the Parlotones on Sunday ( I dislike them completely) but am willing to make the compromise.

    The non heated heated pool had me in giggles.


  3. I am totally “for it” but alas, our “babysitter” (MIL) can only handle them for a night and I feel like it’s a waste – you just drive there and sleep and then you have to drive back 😦 so we rather spend that time at home.

    love your selfies!


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