When Kade entered my life I knew that I wanted to do something special to remember our journey and I started toying around with the idea of getting a tattoo.

I had an idea of what I wanted but was a bit scared of getting one done.  My sister got a tat many years ago and is now trying to have it removed and the saga of removing an unwanted tat is well lets just say it’s quite hectic… So I needed to be 100% sure that what I was putting on my body would be there for EVER and that I would never want to remove it.

At the beginning of the year I plucked up the courage to ask for tattoo parlour recomendations on twitter and after getting Fallen Hero’s number and a VERY high recomendation from Nicki, I contacted them to make an appointment…  I had a consult appointment the the awesome Bryan and he then sketched my vague ideas based on some pictures I had pulled off the web and told me he’d send me a final sketch in due course… Before I left that day I booked an appointment and paid a deposit – there was NO going back!

After our lovely holiday I went to the parlour to get inked.  I was SO frigging nervous but also really excited.

I had told Bryan that I wanted a cross, a dragonfly, Kade’s name and Jer 29:11 in my ink.  I liked blue’s, greens and splashes of orange and yellow.  What he came up with is AMAZING.  I had the tat done on my left hip and I see it everyday in the shower, as I get dressed and I love, love, love it.

It is my daily reminder that God is faithful.  Jeremiah 29:11 is the verse that kept me going through seven long years of infertility.  My faith took a beating in those years and the cross was a symbol of that journey with God.  Kade’s name had to be there of course for reasons I don’t need to explain.  The dragonfly – a symbol of new life… this needed to be there to show me how Kade entering into my life, along with my faith and God’s promise to me that I was entering into a new life… the life of a mother.

Tat Resize

What do you think?

11 thoughts on “Inkage…

  1. LOVE it! The colours are so vibrant and the meanings are so special. Now I def want to get my next one, two or three… Still trying to find a place that will sag or bulge the LEAST as I age, lol


  2. Awesome. I have a friend whose son was unexpectedly born with DS and he has a giant one on his upper arm that also involves a dragonfly and Jer. 29:11. I love yours!


  3. I love the design and meaning of your tattoo. Other people just wanted to have tattoos for fun. But you, you’ve had it connected with your life and belief. Make it as an inspiration, a motivation and of course a symbol to live your life to what god has planned for you.


  4. I love the tattoo…so meaningful, so beautiful.

    The idea of a tattoo has occurred to me, but I want to avoid being under a needle if I can. Maybe, someday.


  5. So I posted a picture on Instagram last month of my feet up on the dashboard which showed off my tattoos on my feet and got so many questions and a lot of comments asking me to post on my blog about all of them because apparently a large percentage of my followers had no idea I even had tattoos. First off before I go any farther let me just say .. I got my feet ink when I was 19, while Ed Hardy was popular, but no they aren’t Ed Hardy inspired. I had them both drawn up by my adorable tattoo artist and he completely nailed everything that I wanted in them and I love them more everyday. My right foot has a skull on it with flowers around it. The mouth is an upside down heart, which I requested. The coloring is exactly what what I wanted. I got this tattoo because my Dad, who has a similar tattoo on his arm, had started trying to make peace and try to make up for lost time. We didn’t have a great relationship when I was growing up, that’s why I look more to my Grandpa as my Father figure, but my Dad and I have finally made up and have gotten along very well for the past 6 years now.


  6. Beautiful! I am and have been planning away for ages now. But i just cannot find a picture I want. And I think I’d like to have a small tat for the first one. You cannot exactly stop half way!


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