From Baby to Big Boy…

It took me 22 months but I finally caved and we had Kade’s hair cut over the weekend.

I was very anxious about it and I know it’s totally silly but I just knew that the first official haircut would mark the transformation from him being my baby and him becoming a big boy.  And I was totally right… This was him right before the big cut (sorry cannot get the bloody image to rotate correctly) all gorgeous curls and delicious baby face…

Kade before big boy cut

And this is him as he is now… a big boy who melts my heart.  Those eyes.  Those lips.  Could a person be more perfect?

Kade short hair 3 Kade short hair 2 Kade short hair 1

I still find myself doing a double take when I look at him.  He just looks so very different.  That said I am loving the new look and am left wondering what all the fuss I made about it was about… My delicious gorgeous big boy. ❤


12 thoughts on “From Baby to Big Boy…

  1. I love the new hairstyle! We are also thinking of cutting Baby G’s hair, but we are also reluctant. One can’t see it in the pictures, but it looks like his hair is growing into a mullet style, long in the back but short at the top. Maybe we should just do it, as Kade hair looks so gorgeous!


  2. Sam he is seriously gorgeous! Wow the cut really shows off how stunning his features are and you are right he just couldn;t be more perfect.

    I felt the same about Jed’s first boy cut but also love him looking like a little boy.


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