Pottery, Willow and Leather…

Traditionally I should be presenting you with something made out of pottery or willow.  As a modern wife I should present you with something leather.  Traditionally I suck.  Modernistically I suck too.  Cos honestly life has knocked the stuffing out of me in the last 6 weeks and between trying to balance work and home life and helping our son recover from his broken leg, honestly our ninth wedding anniversary has been the LAST thing on my mind.


I mean I knew it was coming up.  I know we’ve been hitched for nine whole years.  It’s just that it seems like such a non milestone kinda number doesn’t it?   It doesn’t have the double didgit flash of ten years and lets be frank a pottery gift sounds kinda sucky to me.  I guess I’ll have to just try my best to tell you with my words how much the last nine years have meant to me.  Cos they have meant a hell of a lot.

Way more than a pottery mug could ever convey.


I am blessed to have a man who stands by my side through not only the good times, but the bad as well.  Good times are easy.  Bad times?  Not so much… the bad times take a lot of work and effort and you have out in the effort, put in the work and have got through plenty bad times with me… our battle with infertility, lost friendships, the death of my father, our son’s recent injury and most recently the loss of our little Stowaway…

Yes, we have our moments where we want to kill each other cos we’re both too stubborn to give in, but I know that above all I have a partner who stands WITH me when the going gets tough.  A partner who compliments my weaknesses with his strengths.  A partner who challenges me, stimulates me and a partner who tackles this thing called life with me.


Thank you for helping me get the best thing that has ever happened in my life.  Thank you for being brave enough to not give up on our dream of parenthood.  Thank you for being such a great father to that gift.  For stepping in when my mind is close to shattering cos he’s being so demanding of my time.  For helping to clean up those emotional vomits even though you are gagging through it all.  For teaching him how to respect and love his mommy.  For laughing with him.  For monkeying around with him.  You are a way better father than I ever imagine you would be – and I have to say I always imagined you to be a pretty damn good Dad…

Plettenberg Bay-20130210-02759

Babe.  You are a true blessing in my life.  I know I should say it more.  Show it more.  Not allow life to get in the way of me showing you every day that you are so very precious to me.  I will try do my job in that department better from now on.  So let me start right now.  I am privileged to be your wife.  Thank you for being desperate enough to choose me to share your life.

The last nine years have been a ride.  A wild, crazy, wonderful ride.


I cannot wait to see what the next  nine hold for us… Happy 9th Anniversary.

I love you more than that.



10 thoughts on “Pottery, Willow and Leather…

  1. Oh Sam, as I told you before, you are a wonderful couple and I am thrilled your little Kade came to make you a wonderful, really special family !!
    Congratulations and wishing you many beautiful years to come !


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