Heavenly Holidays…

Our holiday is but a distant memory, but it was really so divine.  The time spent with Kade was good for my soul and being near the beach is like heaven to me.  Cliff and I connected in a way that we’ve been missing each other of late due to life being so busy so all in all a very successful, relaxing holiday.

Our flight to PE went brilliantly.  BA were phenomenal.  Kade loved the flight and the plane and didn’t give us any issues at all.  Once we were allowed to walk around he loved walking up and down the isle and charmed pretty much everyone on the plane.

Kempton Park-20130202-02636

He used the ricksha to entertain himself whilst we waited for our luggage and then we headed to Cliff’s cousin’s place.

Port Elizabeth-20130202-02640

Oh my gosh!  Kade LOVED the dogs on Fiona’s property.  They have four old bigger dogs and one gorgeous labby puppy called Ollie.  Ollie was very rambunctious but once Kade figured out that Ollie was a friend and not a foe – they were fast friends!  Kade ran around calling “Ollie, Ollie, Ollie”.  At first he wasn’t so sure about the horses but after a little bit of coaxing, and showing him how to feed them some carrots he was in awe.


We had a lovely visit with Cliff’s cousin and her hubby and after a divine outride we headed to Plett.

Port Elizabeth-20130203-02642

Our bug slept pretty much the whole way there and when we arrived we quickly unpacked and got settled and went for his first ever walk on the lagoon and beach.  He wasn’t so sure about this whole thing but was happy to walk as long as he was holding one of our hands and we didn’t get to close to the water.

IMG-20130203-00257 IMG-20130203-00261IMG-20130203-00262

We then had to figure out where and how little mister was going to sleep.  He still sleeps in his cot at home and as this was a holiday home there was no cot in the house.  We changed up the one room quite a bit and he ended up sleeping on a mattress on the floor which worked quite well until he fell off it the one night.  We then put an added mattress next to the one he slept on and bulked up with pillows.  That was a winner.

Plettenberg Bay-20130210-02771

We did a lot of lagoon time cos Kade didn’t seem overly fond of the beach but we did go for a walk everyday on the beach and every day Kade got more comfortable.  We washed the boat, we went for boat rides.  We played on the beach.  We made chalk drawings on the benches in the courtyard of our house.  We just spent good quality family time together.  Well when Cliff wasn’t sick that is.  Yep, my man was man down for 5 days with a severe tummy virus but once he got better it was the three of us having fun in the sun.

Before we left for our holiday I was concerned about how Kade would react to all the change in his little world.  Different house.  Different bed.  Different surrounding.  My little dude blew me away at how quickly he adjusted.  How he just took to being on holiday like a seagull to the beach.  He still is not so sure about the waves (but then again so am I and I’m 34 years of age) but he loved the holiday.  His vocab EXPLODED while we were away and I have to say that I really LIKE this little guy that I’m raising.  He’s charming and has a really good sense of humor emerging.

I cannot wait until we get to plan our next family holiday to Plett.

8 thoughts on “Heavenly Holidays…

  1. Awww….man. What a clever boy. It’s is AMAZING how they just take to things when we LEAST expect them to. Your holiday looks amazing. I have never been to Plett and now I just HAVE to put it on my list. xx


  2. Great to hear that Kade adjusted well. Baby G was also amazingly adaptable and loved our holiday too. Just shows you that we often anticipate problems for nothing!


  3. I always say that kids somehow develop way faster over a holiday period somehow. And yes, they adapt to being away like nothing – I think it is because everything is new but they have all this time with their parents


  4. Lovely !! Glad to hear you and your family are well. Your boy is gorgeous and can see on his little shiny eyes he’s having a good sense of humor !! Cute little man !!

    We are also planning a short holiday to the mountains for Easter. I am looking forward to it for the same reasons you mentioned. Life with a toddler is demanding and also couple life needs to be “fed” with nice moments we can both share !!


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