Another Milestone Reached…

I know I owe you guys an update on our Plett holiday.

Work has been manic (from being the new kid on the block to most experienced person on the sales team as well as tying up our Christmas plans with customers and setting up showrooms, I’ll just say things have been quite…interesting!) and I’ve just felt like that swan.  You know the one that everyone talks about?  The one that looks so graceful and beautiful on the top of the water but the one that is in fact kicking its legs off to stay afloat… yes.  That would be me.

Finding the balance between work Sam and home Sam has been slightly challenging of late but I know that I will get there soon.

We decided to start Kade at a preschool close to home once we’d come back from holiday.  He’s showing signs of needing the added stimulation and social interaction for a while now and we both felt it was the right time for our little bug to enter into this next chapter of his life.

That chapter started this morning.  All day yesterday I was prepping him telling him he was going to school to make friends, to have fun with teacher Hilary and playing it up in a big way.  Everytime I mentioned school I got a big emphatic “Nooooooooooo” from him but hey, he says no to pretty much everything these days.

We woke up this morning and bug was happy to kit himself out in Daddy’s cycling kit.


Then we started getting him ready for school and this little monkey of mine started playing up.  Wouldn’t let Thembi dress him.  Wouldn’t let Daddy or Mommy dress him.  Ran around the house.  Finally let Thembi dress him.  Made a massive poo.  Let Thembi change his nappy.  Then he wouldn’t eat his breakfast in his high chair.  Insisted on being fed on the couch.  Ran around the house with a toast soldier in his mouth… All the while Mommy was getting more and more anxious about drop off.

We tried to snap a picture of him with his school bag to remember this big day… well lets just say this is the best we got…

Randburg-20130311-03032 Randburg-20130311-03033

Drop off was… hard.  Kade was fine as long as he was on my hip and when I was standing next to him looking at the toys.  He was not so fine when Cliff and I left to go to work.  Screaming and crying and hanging out of the teachers arms crying “mamma don’t go!”

It took every fibre of my being to kiss him and walk out of that classroom.  As soon as I got to the corridor I started weeping.  I could still hear him crying for me and my heart broke into a million pieces.

I cried in my car on the way to work.

I got a lovely message from teacher Hilary (I missed her call cos I was in a strat meeting totally not concentrating) to say that Kade had settled quickly and that he played beautifully with the kids and that all was well.

I know that we’ve got a few days of horrible drop off to go.  I’m expecting this to go on for a while so that if he does settle quicker than I think it’ll be a bonus.

I just hope that my wonderful son, ignites with a spirit of learning and learns to love school as much as his mother did.

What a milestone!


9 thoughts on “Another Milestone Reached…

  1. What a big milestone! Hope today went a little better. It is awful when you have to leave them crying, but hopefully it will get a little easier each


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