My bug can be a really cute monkey sometimes.

He usually goes down the slide at warp speed but he bumped his head the other day and we told him to go slower – hence the snail’s pace in this video!  I also love the whole “mamma, mommy, mom, mamma….Ah daddy” bit.  It’s probably not as funny as it seems to me but here it is for your viewing pleasure.  Oh and apologies for the incessant Labrador panting as the soundtrack to this video – in her defense it was a really hot day 😉

Oh and a spot prize for anyone who can spot the jack russel…



8 thoughts on “Monkey…

  1. Too much sweetness! Love the way he toys with your hubby, mommy, mommy, oh alright I’ll say daddy eventually. Jack Russell under the tunnel?


  2. so sweet !! these toddlers are extremely cute and charming (luckily because they can also be …. more than 5 handful !!)
    Love, the mummy-daddy thing and also the sparkle in his eyes when he says it !!
    Great playground you have there ! He seems to be really at ease with motorics ….


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