I’ve mentioned it before that I’ve been following an eating plan for the last 5 months and have seen some really awesome results.  Thing is when you see yourself everyday you don’t really realise how much of a difference it’s making cos well, you see yourself every day.  I mean I know that I’m looking good now.  I would have to be pretty dumb to not know I’m looking better considering that I’ve dropped 3 dress sizes.

But when I got my before and after pics from my dietician’s offices yesterday, I even had a bit of a double take…  I lost a total of 20 kgs and 156 cm’s.  I am so chuffed that I decided to do this for myself, I have so much more energy and am feeling so much more confident in myself…

When I see how I looked before I know that I can never let myself get back to that place.  The best thing is that I now have the tools to ensure that I don’t get back to that weight and body shape (with all the negative feelings it came with) ever again…

I never imagined such amazing results when I started this process 5 months ago.  So chuffed 🙂


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