Santa Baby…

So this year I’m taking part in the Blogging Secret Santa that the awesome Charlotte is organising (she is made of way sterner stuff than I, kudos to her for taking this project on her shoulders) and I am supposed to give my Santa a bit of an insight as to what it is I would like to see hitting my mail box…

This is a notion I find quite difficult to do as I was brought up to not ask for presents and to appreciate what I am given… that said as an adult I think a good guideline goes a long way… so here goes!

Santa Baby, these are the types of things that make me tick:

  • Funky gel pens
  • Hearts
  • Funky Crosses
  • Picture Frames (I have a lot of distressed wood frames in my home)
  • I love Dragonflies – so anything dragonfly’ey

Other than that, I am a sucker for the cute and gimmicky, so really whatever floats your boat to get me as long as it’s not coal, I WILL love and appreciate…

Here’s to the big reveal in the near future 🙂


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