Body Beautiful?

When I met Cliff I was a dedicated runner.  I would run 10km every morning with my running group and I had completed my first 21km race with a good time and was pushing myself hard to train for a marathon.  I was trim and toned.  I ended up getting really bad ITB.  It was excruciating to walk and I was not able to climb stairs.

I went for phuysio, acupuncture and sports massage.  Eventually I was told to rest for at least 6 months – no training at all.  So I took a 6 month break, when I started training again, I soon started feeling the pain of ITB flaring up and was told to take another few months to rest up the injury.  Long story short I got caught up in laziness, good times, a wedding and ultimately infertility took its hold on my life.

My sole driver was finding a way to get pregnant and create a family with my husband.  Everything else took a back seat and exercise and running was THE last thing on my mind.

Throughout our 7 year journey with infertility, I realised that I was gaining weight.  I realised that the hormone treatments were not helping my waistline and I knew that I needed to “lose some weight”.  But if I’m truly honest with myself I think I was in denial about how much weight I needed to lose.

Fast forward to my pregnancy where I took the eating for two to heart and gained a hefty 23kgs.  I lost those 23kgs very quickly after having Kade thanks to breast feeding but was still overweight for my height and according to my BMI I was considered “morbidly obese”.

I lived in denial.  Until 10 weeks ago.  My mother and sister had being following an eating plan and both had lost a huge amount of weight.  They were looking amazing and I was jealous as all hell.  So I made an appointment at the same dietician they were seeing and got the shock of my life.  I was told that to be at my optimum weight I would need to lose 21kgs.  I could not believe that I needed to lose THAT much weight.  We finally settled on a weight that I was happy with and I started eating healthy again.

I measured my body holistically and was shocked to see that my measurements came out at a whopping 818 cm!  Every week I measured myself and was pleased to see that I was consistently losing inches every week.  Over the past 10 weeks, I’ve been measuring and have had two weigh ins.  I’ve lost a total of 116 cm and at my last weigh in had lost 11kgs.  Now that I can be truly honest with myself I can acknowledge that the 21kgs they suggested I lose was not such a stretch after all…

I am super chuffed with my results so far.  I went to see a friend of mine who is drawing up a training plan for me to get me back into my running (I have commited to #RunSoweto10km after all!) and to tone up and she measured my BMI on Saturday.  When I started this process as far as I knew I had a BMI of 33.  Normal for a woman is between 18 and 22.  On Saturday my BMI came out at 20!  My confidence has soared.  I’m feeling more energetic and sexier than I’ve felt in a long, long time!

I’m stoked!  I will never allow myself to get back to where I was.

I’m loving my new body beautiful and cannot wait to reach my goal weight and maintain this new positive me!

I took these photo’s about 4 weeks back when I had to clear out my cupboards cos none of my clothes fitted me anymore – they were TOO BIG!

These white pants used to be tight on me! Now look 🙂

From the side…

They’re not supposed to be hipsters 😉

My waist is BACK!



16 thoughts on “Body Beautiful?

  1. Looking good!!!
    I lost almost all of the weight but my belly is all soft – transforming into rolls when I sit up. But when I stand up I look almost the way I did before I got preggo. Any suggestions on how to tone all the loose skin up?


  2. That is FANTASTIC! Congrats on the weight loss! I must admit, I’ve let myself go a bit in the last while. BUT. It looks like I’m going to be able to pull off running club after all. What’s your eating plan like?


  3. Well done, you have done so well in a relatively short time. Hope things go well when you start running again. Chris has struggled a bit with ITB since Comrades but with a change of shoes, physio and some stretches and strengthening exercises it seems to have been sorted out. He did try and rest it but that didn’t help either so I really think the strengthening of specific muscles and stretches are what made the difference. And I can’t imagine you need to lose another 10kg – you are looking so skinny already.


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