I don’t want to forget…

… your cheeky smile and the way your nose scrunches when you laugh.

… the way you love to be tipped backwards and if I don’t do it quick enough how you literally throw yourself back, completely trusting me to keep you 100% safe.

… the way your hair curls around your ears (Daddy is pressuring me to cut your hair but I.just.am.not.ready.for.that.now)

… how you love to play it cool with either Daddy or my sunglasses.  You always put them on the upside down but you are SURE you look great.

… how you get down the stairs at home.  For jonks you wouldn’t go near the edge of the steps and used to just cry/scream until either Dad or I would come fetch you.  Now you spin and crawl backwards until you can climb down them with immense speed.  Nothing in our home is safe anymore.

… the look on your face as I get home from work each day.  You literally run up to my car door and the look on your face is PRICELESS!

… how you love to wind down with me or Daddy reading books just before bath time.  You go and pick your book from the bookshelf and come and plonk yourself between my or Dad’s legs and we “read” together.  If the book isn’t going well you close it and get another until you’re happy.  I love this!

… that you won’t let us hold you as you go down the slide anymore.  You want to push off yourself and you want to fly into our waiting arms at the bottom.

… how you know what you want and are not afraid to let us know it.  I see a very headstrong person in you and I hope that Daddy and I are able to channel this part of you correctly.

… how you LOVE to pat the doggies.  You love to let them know you love them.  Sometimes a bit too exuberantly – we’re trying to teach you GENTLE.  Even when  Saffy doesnt’ want you to…  Altho you don’t have that problem with Jazz whose kisses you allow at all times.

… your sense of adventure and fearlessness.  Even though at times those self same qualities make my heart leap in my throat.

… your laugh.  Oh how that laugh makes my heart smile.

You are absolutely everything I imagined you to be and more my boy.  I am so honored and privileged to be your Mommy.

I love you – to the moon and back times a million.


7 thoughts on “I don’t want to forget…

  1. he’s so cute 🙂
    the haircut… ah, I also feel that I need to give my baby his first trim – at least the pieces that get in his eyes – but I can’t, I CAN’T!!!
    keep those memories, keep those pics… they are so amazing to look back at!


  2. What a beautiful post Sam! So wonderful to see their little personalities develop and yes, the cause of many a grey hair as well.


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