Amazing Women

I am supremely blessed to be surrounded by incredible women.

I have a wonderful example of the kind of woman and mother I want to be in my Mom.  She’s a pillar of strength in tough times, strong enough to tell you how it is (even if what she says is not what you wanted to hear) yet gentle enough to hold you close when you need it.  Growing up, I always knew that I was loved but I also knew where the lines were drawn in terms of acceptable behavior, manners and the like.

My sister is very much like my mom, yet so very different as well.  As a single mother she’s shown me how to mother under immense pressure.  She’s always there for me in crunch time and we stick up for each other through thick and thin.  She more than anyone in this world drives me stir crazy (cos we are SO totally different) but she more than anyone is my biggest champion and defender.

I have many more wonderful women that surround me in my life.  I have good solid friendships that help to keep me grounded and grow me as a person.  I’m incredibly lucky.

As tomorrow is National Women’s Day in South Africa, I tip my hat to all you wonderful women out there who have touched my life and helped me become the woman, wife and mother I am today.

Happy Women’s Day!


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