Fun in the Snow

Living in South Africa, snow is not something that we see very often.  We do have certain regions in our country where it snows, but these are few and far between and are generally in far flung places.

It’s really out of the norm for us “Johannesburgers” to see snow, so yesterday when many parts of our city got snow it caused much pandemonium,  fun and joy.  If I’m not mistaken the last time JHB had snow like this was in 1981 or thereabouts.  I’m sure that productivity was at an all time low in many companies in JHB yesterday!

We had quite a bit of snow at our offices and we all were like kids running outside in it, dancing and having snowball fights with each other.  I really loved every minute of it.  It reminded me to not always be so serious.  To live in the moment and to take every opportunity I’m given to celebrate this life that I have.

I’ve made a mental note for myself to try and seize moments like yesterday more often.

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5 thoughts on “Fun in the Snow

    • I have way too many friends and family members who were like “it was too cold”, “I didn’t want to get my hair wet” and I just can’t understand that…Snow in JHB happens so seldom – why not just make haste while the sun was not shining?? 😉


  1. Ah… LOVE these pics. Am soooo jealous. We’ve got the cold in CT and no snow to show for it! Maybe it will still come? I live in hope.


  2. I only got the cold this side! Those pics look awesome! Sadly I may have been one of the party poopers. I’m far too serious to let my inner child out in public!


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