That thing called Sleep…

We’ve been really lucky in terms of getting sleep in our house since Kade has arrived.  He started sleeping through at 10 weeks old and whilst he was always a cat napper during the day (he hardly ever slept for longer than max 40 mins in the day time) we weren’t too phased by this as he always slept really well at night.  And any mother will tell you night-time sleep is golden.

As he’s grown and developed we’ve got into a really good routine sleep wise.  It’s worked for us and for him and we were all (bar the odd night here and there due to teething or hitting major milestones) getting the rest we needed to function properly.  Even on his best nights it seemed like Kade had inherited his father’s gene’s, he would wake up 05h30 for 06h00 going for 10 – 11 hour stretches and only ever slept for 12 hours ONCE.

Until recently that is.

This past weekend Kade skipped his afternoon nap and he slept 12 hours straight through from 19h00 to 07h00.  I was in heaven.  And then he had his afternoon nap again on Tuesday and went back to his 10.5 hour stretch.    The only thing that changed was that he had an afternoon nap.

I wondered to myself perhaps we needed to drop the afternoon nap because to get him to sleep in the afternoon?  It’s ALWAYS a huge fight. He cries and kicks and screams like we are murdering him and we end up almost always having to wake him from his afternoon nap cos I don’t like him to sleep after 16h00 as this seriously affects his night-time sleep.

So last week for two days we’ve conducted an experiment of sorts.  We’ve stretched his morning nap time to later in the morning and have dropped the afternoon nap.  On the first day he slept for 2 hours 15 minutes for his morning nap, went down as normal for the night and slept right through till 05h50 with NOT a peep.  Now he often wakes at night and talks to himself or plays in his cot for anywhere between 20 mins to an hour (sometimes an hour and a half!!) and then goes back to sleep on his own.

On the 2nd day he slept for 2 hours and went down as normal for his night-time sleep and slept till 05h00 where he woke up crying,  Cliff went down to soothe him and he fell back asleep within 5 minutes and woke up again at 07h00.

It definitely seems like my boy is ready to drop that afternoon nap.  All I’m hoping is that this 12 hour stretch continues as it has been and that I am able to “sleep in” until 07h00 on the weekends.

Here’s to sleep, glorious sleep!  Long may it last 😉


10 thoughts on “That thing called Sleep…

  1. Oh goodness me!! I cant imagine a 4 hour stretch of sleep at the moment 😦 Jack isnt a great sleeper *sigh* He moans – isnt awake but cries and moans. Some nights are better than others but in general it’s bad!

    He also appears to want to drop that late nap but I am resisting it – I am not ready 🙂


  2. Good Luck. It seems you may know best and trust your gut. I’ve found that M sleeps better if he has his late afternoon nap.

    All the best in achieving your 12hrs. (Xavier is 2 and still only does about 10-11hrs).


  3. We did exactly that when Zoe turned 1. She would sleep 12 – 13 hour stretches at night which was absolute bliss on the weekends. I’m thinking it’s time she drops her mid-day nap now. This weekend she woke at 5:30 am both Saturday and Sunday, it wasn’t fun!


  4. yay to glorious sleep!
    Timothy also sleeps thru the night and catnaps through the day. For some time, I tried to increase his naps – all I got out of it was waking up at night. So we let him nap as he wants – fair trade-off for good night’s sleep :)))


  5. Sjoe. You are LUCKY! No advice from me. Child 1 was an AWESOME sleeper, Child2 not so much. I am STILL scarred from sleepless nights with Child2. Interestingly enough, BOTH of them needed their afternoon naps until about 3/4. Only thing that I will say? Do WHATEVER you need to do to get more sleep.


  6. We were also very lucky on the sleep front. Both mine went to 1 day sleep at just over a year and still both sleep 12 hours at night. Ava dropped her daytime naps pretty early (around 2) and will often sleep more than 12 hours at night. They both go down at 7pm and va has to be woken every morning. There are some weekends when she is still asleep at 9am!!! Really hope Kade is the same. 1 daytime sleep also makes life so much easier as one can be out all morning, come back home for a nap and then be out all afternoon so for me it was far more sociable. Only issue is lunch-time funcyions but I would then just try and put them down a little earlier and wake them a bit earlier and they might need to get to bed a little earlier that evening.


  7. Sounds like he is ready to drop to one nap a day. Stretch his morning one a bit later every few days until you can put him down at about 12ish and then see how long he sleeps. It is great when they drop to one nap a day, as you suddenly start to get a bit of a life again. Don’t be in any hurry to drop his one nap a day though. Dylan is 3 and still has a lunch time snooze, and I am not in any hurry to give it up as I can put my feet up then too.


  8. Zoé is in the same stage it seems. Some days she does great with 1 nap around 12:00 till 13:30 and then night sleep starting at around 8 pm but other days she still need to have a 40 min sleep cycle in the afternoon.
    I try to watch for signs and adapt according to her needs, so to make it easier for me too, I put her down in her own bed for the noon nap and afternoons I just give her a chance to sleep if she needs it by making sure she can lay down in her stroller. It works well and we still enjoy the sunny afternoons at the pool and lake, instead of being tied at home for naps.


  9. Well, trusting your instinct is the best thing really. Even then 10.5 hrs of sleep at night would get categorized into glorious for me.

    Figlia was not a great sleeper initially…and is just about now learning to sleep.

    How do you make him skip his noon naps? Does Kade still wake up for feeds in the night? Figlia takes two two(ish) hour naps in the day, and sleeps in the night at around 8:45ish, but she wakes up twice, and my longest stretch in one bit is 3.5 hrs to 5 hrs, that’s it.


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