Chop of the Day…

…on Monday and Tuesday went to my darling husband.  You see we have this loo upstairs in our en-suite bathroom.  For about a year and a half that loo has been doing this really annoying drippy into the cistern thing.  It annoys the crapoola out of me and I’ve asked and asked and asked that it gets fixed.

On Monday night my chop darling husband decided that 20h30 was a great time to decide to tackle the drippy loo issue.  He came downstairs and showed me half of the inside of the loo in his hand but assured me that he had this all under control.

Needless to say the drippy loo became a gushy loo in no time.  I found myself mopping up a flood in my bathroom at 22h00 on a Monday night but could still see the humour in it.  A slightly highly frazzled husband running around calling himself a tonsil and water on the floor and several attempts to keep the water at bay had me chuckling to myself and out loud at him.

By 22h45 I wasn’t so amused anymore.  All I wanted to do was wash my make up off my face and go to bed.  But with water gushing out the loo we had to turn the mains supply off and I was left with NO water.  And I was starting to think about what I was going to do the next morning should chop darling husband not be able to fix the toilet and turn on the mains in time for me to shower and get to work.

Tuesday morning comes and after a slightly sleepless night with Kade and a cutting tooth I had a case of serious sense of humour failure.  The loo wash still gushing and I was seriously late for work.  After a frantic bbm to one of my friends asking her if I can use her house to shower and get myself pretty for work, getting into my car and driving halfway to her house only to turn round cos I forgot some important get pretty items I was slightly peeved.

When I got home Cliff told me he’d stopped the gush with a 20cent piece and that I could shower.  Thank the pope!

Needless to say we now have a non drippy loo but I have to say that Chop of the Day for Monday and Tuesday was easily awarded to my chop darling husband!

Who is YOUR chop of the day and for what reason?


4 thoughts on “Chop of the Day…

  1. LOL…chop of the day is ME. For thinking that I could leave Child2 alone in the bath to play. There wasn’t much water so he was safe and he is very vocal so we can hear him. I realised that all was quiet. So I peeked in and he was painting the blue square tiles. With toothpaste. He squeezed out an entire tube and was making patterns. My DH unsuccessfully tried to put some back into the tube. I am NOT amused. And my kid smells of toothpaste!


  2. Why oh why do husbands have to do things like this late in the evening. I remember taking a lovely relaxing bath ….which was quickly disturbed by the sound of an electric sander. I got out of the bath to find my husband sanding down a newly installed ceiling at like seven in the evening!!! Ai yai yai!


  3. LOL! I would have been seriously peeved! My husband is generally good at fixing things – when he feels like it! At least he managed to stop the gushing – but really – at 10pm? Mopping wet floors? I feel for you!


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