Jelly Belly

After Kade was born, the thing I battled most with in the first few days was not the lack of sleep.  It was the freaky feeling of my jelly belly.  I was rather large in the end of my pregnancy but loved the feeling of that rock hard tummy that housed my son.  After he came out that wonderful hard ball became this floppy, empty, soft, squishy, hot mess.

I couldn’t handle the way it looked and felt.  Much like the feeling of my flat belly button on my pregnant tummy skeeved me out, my jelly belly gave me that same feeling.  Thankfully I was lucky enough to have a child who literally sucked me back to reasonable shape in a short period of time.  Nine months later I find that I still have that last bit of stubborn flab on my tum.

37 weeks 5 days pregnant and HUGE!


12 days post partum and looking pretty darn good =)

I was chatting to a friend of mine the other day about this very thing.  Her baby is 7 weeks old and she said she was battling with the changes in her tummy since her baby came along.  That it’s not the same as it used to be.  I could relate to those feelings mostly cos I had those same icky feelings about my own tummy after Kade came.

Thing is I figured pretty early on (at about 2 weeks after he came) that I needed to change the way I was thinking about my jelly belly.  For too long I allowed my relationship with my body to suffer and be in a very dark place.  My pregnancy helped heal a lot of the damage I did to my body image.  I wanted to hold onto that.  So I decided to look at my jelly belly as something rather special.

Because the cause of that jelly belly was the priviledge of my pregnancy.  That little bit of flab that I still have is an honor to wear.  Because my tummy will most likely never be the same again – and that’s a good thing.  That permanent change means that I have my child in my life.  For me, a little bit of flab is a small price to pay for the amazing prize I hold in my arms every day.

What are your thoughts on your jelly belly?


8 thoughts on “Jelly Belly

  1. For me there is extra meaning because I worked so hard to put on as much weight as possible during my pregnancy, which prevents preterm labor with twins — which was no easy feat since I could eat so few foods that had any real calories. So, even if I don’t like that most of my old clothes don’t fit and many of the ones that do look awful, those pounds were an accomplishment going on, so I have to own them (esp. since I don’t do anything to get rid of them!).


  2. I love this. After Luca (and a HECTIC diet) I went back to a really flat, toned tum. After Mika however, things haven’t been so … erm, smooth! I guess I can’t make excuses … I don’t exactly watch what I eat and I have done very little exercise in the last 5 months. But I agree with you. The reason our little tums are still there is almost a reminder as to where our little monkeys came from. We carried them. What an absolute honour x


  3. I still have a jelly belly…some days i get despondant but most days I look at it with pride. That beautiful jelly belly grew my blessed angel Jadakins. I often rub my jelly belly and think of the times I had her inside me…and it makes me all gooey inside.

    Yupp, ideally I would like it gone….but I will probably miss it because it holds so many good memories for me.

    Wear it with pride…you have earned the right to have a jelly belly

    PS…My jelly belly looks much worse than your jelly belly…smile


  4. Bah, I’ll trade my Jelly Belly for yours any day! With Xavier I was horrified at the jelly belly. No one told me what it would look like – I had no clue! I had also put on 27kgs and was not use to the big round me! The jelly belly pissed me off – till 3months had passed and I had lost 21kgs and the belly became flatter. But still the flab was irritating.

    Then Memphis came – again I put on 28kgs and I’m still struggling 6months later to shed the weight – nevermind the belly!

    I have a hate hate relationship with my belly! Even though I know I have my two boys – I just cannot look at it fondly. I still look pregnant some days and I struggle to find clothes to wear!


  5. I must agree with you, the pleasure of being able to do a proper wee and bend over to touch one’s toes post birth was about equal to the horrible feeling that is an immediate post partum tummy. Not to mention the leaking boobs,etc. At least everyone’s focus is on the baby and not us because it sure aint the prettiest sight!!


  6. To be honest, it’s no longer a big deal to me. Maybe because I finally realise that I’m 33 and have two kids and although I was blessed with no stretch mark and no grey hair genes, I unfortunately didn’t get the fast metabolism gene. I used to be bothered by it. I am finally at peace with it. I’m focusing on healthy as opposed to thin. I am exercising that belly but I don’t think it will ever be the way it was. And that’s OK. It’s housed both of my kids.


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