The great I am’s…

Julia posted these on her blog as part of her meme, and I just had to do them too!

I am…  a student in the University of Life.  Everyday I learn, grow and discover something new about myself.  I hope I never stop learning.

I know…  that I will never know everything.

I want… world peace – hahaha!  Seriously, I want happiness of heart and peace of mind that only He can supply.

I wish… that my friends still in the trenches of infertility would be able to have healing and success.

I fear…  losing my family. 

I feel…  so very grateful.  God has moved in my life so much in the last two years, I am truly blessed beyond measure.

I smell… like Red Door.

I hear….opportunity knocking.

I wonder… what life has in store for me next?  I’m excited to find out…

I believe… that goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life.

I sing…  horribly off key!  BUT I love singing so mostly do it in the confines of my car 😉

I cried last…  I can’t remember when… but I have had several tearful moments – most recently when visiting a friend who finally got her baby placed in her arms… so special!

 I can usually be found…  sitting on the floor of my lounge playing with Kade or crawling after him on the grass outside

I am happy…  most of the time but I am escpecially happy when surrounded by people I love

Like it?  Do it on your own blog or in the comments section below…


4 thoughts on “The great I am’s…

  1. I love your new blog look!!!!

    And I love all your answers. I’m gonna go post it over on my blog today.

    Hope opportunity is knocking nicely at your door. 🙂


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