Late, late Meme…

Laura tagged me in this meme about a week or so ago – I am sooooo behind so don’t think I’ll find 11 people to tag but I’ll tag however many I can ok?  Ok…

The rules

  • Post 11 things about yourself
  • Answer the questions given
  • Set 11 new questions
  • Tag 11 people

11 Things about me:

  1. I have to stack the dishwasher – I am VERY particular about how it’s stacked and if it’s done by someone else I normally end up restacking it to maximise the space utilized inside it….
  2. I have a shocking habit of shortening people’s names, I have always done it and just cannot help myself from doing it… That’s why I named my son a name that you can’t really shorten, that said I know he’ll end up with some form of nickname…
  3. I am quite adventurous with my hair (to a point) I have had my hair practically every colour it can be – including that VIBRANT red and PLUM colour – I love experimenting with my hair
  4. I am loving my new job at the moment – there is a LOT to learn but I just know it’s going to challenge me in ways I need to be challenged mentally
  5. My shoe broke this morning!  So now I am walking like hop a long and looking very weird.
  6. I love singing in my car – I put the radio/cd on FULL BLAST and sing my little heart out… The radio/cd has to be on FULL BLAST cos my singing is baaaaaad, I have to drown out my own voice…
  7. I don’t know why but Kade seems to like my singing – that’s true love right there!
  8. I constantly have a post nasal drip – it is SO annoying but nothing I take ever drys it up completely
  9. I have recently had a chip in my front tooth fixed and now the one is a bit thicker than the other one – it is fa-reaking me out.  I really hope it evens out soon!
  10. I am getting these shooting pains in my left hand – feels a bit like carpal tunnel syndrome but isn’t that a pregnancy related problem?  Does anyone know if you can get carpal tunnel when not pregnant?
  11. I am getting old – clearly!  Cos my last few points are all complaining about body issues/ails… *sigh*

The questions I need to answer are as follows:

1. Whose wardrobe would you like to have a wander through?   Hmmmm.  This is a tough one – maybe Gwen Stefani cos her style is so quirky & fresh…

2. Are your kitchen cupboards organised?  They used to be, but since Kade has come along I need to reorganise them – having breakables on the lower shelves is NOT a good idea right now especially since he’s on the move and has figured out he can get into the cupboards and drawers

3. You have a tank full of petrol and a day to yourself – where do you go?  To Durban – to visit my buddies and my family there 🙂

4. What would you cook for dinner tonight if all the ingredients were in your fridge when you go home?  Prawn curry – hmmmmm.

5. What are you most grateful for today?  My little boy, considering that at a time in my life I thought I’d never have a child, he is what I am most grateful for.

6. What can’t you forgive?  I can forgive pretty much anything actually…but I do think that the one thing I would not be able to forgive is if someone hurt my child.

7. Would you consider being part of a reality TV show?  Yes, Come Dine with Me…

8. Favourite pizza topping?  Anything BUT seafood

9. 3 of your favourite things?  Red Wine, Biltong and my family

10. Are you brave?  Yes in certain instances I am.  I am calm under pressure and I think that equates to being brave…

11. Can you kill a spider?  Without any hestition!

I am tagging:









And my questions are:

  1. What is your favourite thing to eat?
  2. Contacts or Spectacles?
  3. What is the best thing that has ever happened to you?
  4. What was your favourite subject at school?
  5. What infuriates you the most in life?
  6. Where would you go on holiday if you had no money constraints?
  7. What is your favourite childhood memory?
  8. How long have you been blogging and why did you start blogging?
  9. Do you have a healthy body image?
  10. Do you wear lipstick?
  11. Which do you prefer – summer or winter?

5 thoughts on “Late, late Meme…

  1. I love reading these posts – for the post nasal drip, try something called Sinupret (if you haven’t already tried it). It literally saved my life, as I too have a permanent post nasal drip that was driving me insane. I live on it now.
    For the shooting pains, could be De Couvain’s (Sp?) Tensovinitis – basically an inflammation in the tendon of the thumb that runs up the wrist. I had it and was in agony for months. Caused by the manual breast pump and bending your wrist unaturally when rocking and patting baby. Get yourself a serious wrist and thumb guard, and try taking arthroguard. I had steroid injections, but I swear it was the arthroguard that healed it. Takes about 6 months to heal.


  2. Oooh now you made me lus for prawn curry. I have a friend who had severe carpel tunnel syndrome. It was so bad that she was battling to change gears when driving. Her youngest kid is 10 so I guess it’s not just confined to pregnancy. She actually had an operation to fix it last week. From what I understand, it’s a small day procedure. Go have it checked out. Am going to try the sinupret for my post nasal drip which I’m finding so annoying!


  3. With you on the dishwasher!!!!! I have to unpack it too… SUCH a Virgo…
    And i also shorten people’s names or give them nicknames linked to their own names. I’m sure it cheeses some people off, so I tend to only do it if I know the person long enough for it to be considered okay and not bizarre-oh…
    I got Carpal Tunnel from mouse over-use – don’t think it’s pregnancy related. Have since switched hands and it has improved in leaps and bounds.


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