How my BB saved my bacon…

Being a mom to a new born is hard work.  The sleep deprivation you experience is special.  And not in a shiny way.  It can actually make you a little bit crazy. 

I remember thinking in those first few early days that this caring for a baby thing wasn’t quite as hard as I had thought it would be.  Those were the days (four days exactly) when Kade actually thought it was a good idea to sleep during the day and the night… Then he hit his “lets be awake for much of the day” stride and I was thrown into the tornado full blast.  Add to that the fact that he was a hungry little chap and at one stage was cluster feeding every 45 minutes for 7 days… Lets just suffice it to say that I was a blathering, red eyed wreck.

He was still everything I’d ever wanted, but I knew things were bad when I started hearing him cry in the calls of the hadeda’s and when I did manage to sleep I would dream I had misplaced him or would jump up half gevrek to check if I had actually put him back in his cot.  I’d often hear him crying in my dreams and shoot out of bed only for Cliff to gently tell me he was actually sleeping and that I needed to get back into bed…

It was at this time that my BlackBerry saved my bacon.  My lifeline to twitter and News24 it kept me sane while I was feeding at 00h00, 02h00 and 04h00 in the morning when all I wanted to do was freefall over the edge of wakefulness with my child still sucking merrily away at my chest.  I have never felt so connected with my American twitter pals – for once we were awake at the same time and I knew what was going on in their lives when it happened not a day or two later.  They gave me awesome breastfeeding advice and tips and kept me sane for the most part…  Iwas on the pulse of the news – in fact I would get despondant when News24 didnt’ refresh as often as I was feeding…

For most people their BlackBerry’s are their smart phones.  Their lifeline to work and email and their communication tool.  But for me, my BlackBerry is more than that.  It’s my friend that literally saved my bacon on more than one occassion…

If I could give any new mom one piece of advice, it would be this… Always ensure your BlackBerry is charged, use it to keep you connected to people in the real world outside of the eat, burp, change nappy, poop, sleep cycle of your new life. 

You never know, your smart phone could save your bacon!

9 thoughts on “How my BB saved my bacon…

  1. That sounds rather hectic. We were only up twice a night in the early days and took turns doing the early and late shift. But I remember our version of sleep deprivation and it was not fun. My mom saved us on a few ocasions by coming over and looking after him during the day. That was a big help.

    I haven’t used my BB’s alarm since Jayden was born. These days I have another form of alarm. 🙂


  2. please do share the tips! My baby is also feeding every 30-45 minutes. my shoulder is in constant pain, my back aches, my c-section scar still hurts… How to make this easier?
    thankfully, he sleeps for three-four hour stretches during the night, but during the day? I can barely fund the time to eat. He’s on my boob all the time…


  3. Sleep deprivation is a horrible thing! I use to fall asleep sitting up while feeding only to wake a while later with baby still in arms. That’s when I decided to co-sleep because at least I got more sleep that way and a little less interrupted. But yes, my iPhone also kept me connected to the world of Moms up doing the same thing I was!

    So glad you didn’t fry your bacon!


  4. Yup my blackberry has been my constant companion since the twins arrival. In fact I am not sure I really understood the whole point of twitter until it became my link to the outside world while I was attached to my rocking chair with a baby or two in my arms.


  5. I don’t know how nursing mothers survived before the invention of the smart phone.. like, for real? Did they just SIT THERE the whole time and do nothing????!!!!!!!



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