Amazing Grace!

Life has certainly been very interesting the last three weeks.  It’s no secret my place of employment was not ideal.  That after four months of unpaid maternity leave I was not very keen to go back there, but I did becasue the reality is that we are not in the position at this stage to be a one income household.

I went back with a heavy heart, not entirely just because i was leaving Kade at home.  Because I just didn’t love working there anymore.  I was tired of the unethical behaviour.  Of the backstabbing, the lying, the cheating of our clients, the bullish behaviour of our directors.  But while I was back, I did my job.  I fought as hard as I could for my staff, I took control of my division again and got it back on track.   But if I’m honest, I was merely going through the motions.  I was just getting a job done.  I was demotivated and not interested.  And the more my bosses revealed their true nature to me, the more disinterested I became.

I became blase about my job.  And three weeks ago, I made a mistake.  I sent an email to the wrong person.  That email was not supposed to be seen by the person who got it.  It caused an upraor amongst my bosses and my client.  I was told that I was going to be taken to a disciplinary enquiry and was most likely going to be dismissed.  Unless “I did the right thing”.  I was told that I needed to to be hirable again and that a dismissal would make that challenging.  Again, those words “do the right thing”.

I resigned.  With no job lined up and no savings in the bank.  I resigned. 

Anyone else would have felt a surge of panic, but I felt calm and controlled.  I had in me the peace that surpasses human understanding.  I just knew that everything was going to be ok.  That I had nothing to worry about.  That God HAD this.

The next day I told my team that I had resigned that that I was leaving in 2 days time.  They were really upset and couldn’t understand what was going on.  That same day, Cliff logged onto a career website and sent me an advert for what sounded like a great job.  That same day, a girl Iworked with gave me details for her employment agency that she’d been dealing with who had a job that they were looking to place for.  That same day I logged onto a different career website and matched my resume with a job.  All three the same job.

I saw the agent on a Friday.  The following Wednesday I went for my first interview.  The next Friday I went for my second interview, and today I signed my contract of employment.

Everything so amazingling lined up and perfectly slotted into place.

That peace that I felt in my heart?  That was God telling me He had something better for me.  I will start my new job on the 01.03.2012 – I get to spend some more quality time with my boy (getting to see him crawl for the first time FORWARDS was amazing!), I get to have a bit of a holiday and soon I start my great new job earning a substantial amount more than I was at my old job.

God is so good – all the while He was working in the background, laying the path to my new career.

What amazing grace!


23 thoughts on “Amazing Grace!

  1. That is really incredible. Well done, and what an exciting new start.

    It’s extremely unlikely that they would have been able to fire you for that by the way. It sounds to me like you could have had them for unfair dismissal etc. But who wants to go down that road? Your level of integrity and honesty wasn’t a match for theirs, it’s so much better to just simply slide into something that is better suited to you. Like attracts like.


  2. Oh WOW! Congrats, Sam. That is fantastic news! And may the working conditions be good! Enjoy the rest of your time with Kade!

    It’s amazing how it all lined up so perfectly. It was certainly time!


  3. Congrats, this is so awesome!

    I really believe that most things happen for a reason. If you lose a job you hate – it happens because God – or Fate – see that you on your own cannot make the decision to leave, so they help you 😉

    Best of luck with the new job!


  4. Once again God’s timing is perfect! I’m so glad you got to see Kade crawl for the first time. Worth everything just to see that. Very happy for you Sam, and just know everything will work out, as God’s hand is in it.XXX


  5. It is always amazing how things work out. Really happy for you and hope that you will really enjoy your new job. It must have been so hard leaving your precious boy to do a job you didn’t enjoy.


  6. Reading how everything came together gave me goosebumps. God is good! So glad you are going to have some extra time at home with your sweet boy!

    Congrats on the new position!


  7. waw!! this post of yours and this one are perhaps about the same thing…. to be connected with God within and with others “without”… if that makes sense 😉 anyways best of luck with your new job !! oh, and i admire the courage you had to stand up for yourself like you did !!


  8. This is wonderful news. God is great at staging these things and HIS PEACE is beyond all understanding. I am so glad everything worked out so well. Enjoy that time with your boy. 😉


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