Valentines Day

It’s that day of the year – the day when it’s a great day to have shares in red roses, chocolate fairies skip gleefully around their chocolate factories cos sales sky rocket and everyone (except Cupid grinches) walk around with stars in their eyes and glitter filled hearts shooting out their butts hoping for that romantic display of love to come their way…

I’ve never been much of a Valentines day kind of person myself.  I am generally “bah humbugish” about it all.  A bit of a Cupid grinch if you will.  I don’t believe that one should have to have a special day of the year dedicated to showing people that you love them.  I believe that love is actually all around and that one should show those you love that you love them and how much you love them at every opportunity you can, cos lets face it, life is just too damn short to not grab every moment you can for love… 

Also Valentines day can put a HUGE dent in ones pockets.  Have you seen how expensive chocolate becomes at this time of year?  And don’t get me started on the 200% margin on red roses…

That said I woke up this morning with some pretty serious glitter hearts shooting  out my butt.  Cos you know what?  I am surrounded with LOVE. 

My awesome (well most of the time anyway, sometimes he can be a pain in the butt) husband, my gorgeous son, my hairy hounds, my amazing family, my kind and generous friends… My life is filled with love.  And whilst I take stock daily to be thankful for the ulitmate blessing of love that I have in my life, today I’ve decided that a few shooting glitter hearts and stars in my eyes might not be such a bad thing after all…

So dear friends in the computer, whether you buy into it or not, here’s me glitter hearts and all wishing you all the most amazing Valentines Day yet…

Cos lets face it.  Life without love? Just ain’t no life at all.


7 thoughts on “Valentines Day

  1. DH and I are thinking of maybe just having Valentines Day on an entirely different and undictated-to-by-commercialism day… but we have trouble remembering our anniversary, so that would be a stretch.


  2. Honestly, Valentine’s Day is SO MUCH MORE FUN with kids. Especially as they get older and get the whole concept of exchanging Valentines with friends and giving gifts to one another. It is just cool. I never even knew.

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you!


  3. and a happy valentine’s day to you too. I’m not big on it but we did cook something special and decorated the table nicely. And I did write special cards for Terence and my girls to tell them they are loved and appreciated!


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