Any mother knows all about milestones.

As a first time Mom we can be a bit obsessive about these milestones.  Is he reaching them soon enough?  Why hasn’t he shown signs of that milestone?  Oh shit – he completely missed a milestone – what if he won’t “work” right now?  Most of you know the drill…  We are so proud of them when they reach those miletones that we cannot wait to show them off to the world… “smile my boy”, “clap handies, clap handies”, “wave bye bye” etc

I can tell you right now that I was not prepared the other type of milestone.  The not so nice ones.

On Tueday night I started feeling a bit off colour.  Sore achey back, super tired and just not 100% well.  I put it down to stress and made a mental note to get myself to the chiropractor for an alignment pronto (well as soon as payday hit).  By Wednesday I was feeling super shit.  Clammy, dizzy, super nauseas and the runs had hit my body.  Not pretty.  I stayed away from people at work, but stayed at work to try not give whatever I had to Kade.  Eventually I went to the doctor.  He found nothing wrong with me.  And yet I felt like death.  I got home, spent some time with my buddy boy and just before bath time he started crying uncontrollably.

After his (super short) bath I checked his temperature as he was looking very flushed – 37.6 – crap!~ After loads of crying and much heaving, m,y poor baby had a massive vommit – one that actually stole his breath and scared both him and me to death.  Cue some Calpol.  He slept for a little while but woke up crying again.  Not a happy boy.  After checking his temp literally every 30 minutes – at 23h30 when it hit a 39.2 I got Cliff out of bed and told him we needed to head to the ER.  I was not taking ANY chances.  Gave him more Calpol and off we went to the Olivedale ER.

ER doc checked his ears and throat all clear.  But when he tried to check his tum, Kade was not happy at all.  Poor baby had ended up getting my tummy bug after all.  Talk about feeling like a shitty mom!  Literally. We were told to keep him hydrated to keep the fevers under control with the Calpol (cos he was reacting to it nicely and not bringing it back up) and to expect diarea in due course.

Yesterday the fevers raged on and off and my poor child had such bad runs.  What made it worse was that I was feeling like death myself with a massive headache and major runny tum myself.  Its been a tough few days in the Young household.

What I’ve learned the last few days can be summed up as follows:

  • It is possible to have a runny dump at the precise same time as your son – with him on your lap while you are on the white throne
  • You can survive and still function (albeit not as effectivley) on 3 hours sleep in a 30 hour period
  • Fevers and diaorea scare the crap out of me – especially when the person who is experienceing them is my child!
  • Empaped kicks Calpols ass!  Empaped is my BEST friend.
  • Having Kade has made me much more emotional – several times over the last few days I have found myself on the verge of hot tears
  • I cannot stand seeing my baby boy look like this:

  • Kids bounce back way quicker than we give them credit for.

This morning whilst he’s not quite 100% right yet, he is definitely looking better and has turned the corner.

Reaching the shitty milestones is not as much fun as reaching the cool milestones is!


10 thoughts on “Milestones

  1. It is crappy when the kids are sick, and one thing I have learned, is that if Dylan picks up a bug, I am pretty much guaranteed to pick it up too. My immune system has definitely weakened since having a baby. Nothing worse than feeling ill yourslef and having to look after a sick little one. That is when I thank God for my parents who live just up the road, and step in at times like that. Hope you all feel better soon.XXX


  2. oh my, I am so sorry you had to go through this particular milestone… doesn’t sound like fun at all!

    but you know what? while you will never be able to protect him from everything – you will be there for him with your love and help. And obviously – you’re the best mom!


  3. Oh no man! Sorry to hear that you were both sick. It takes alot out of us (emotionally and physically) looking after a sick child and now you had to do it when you weren’t feeling well either.

    You’re right though ~ Empaped kicks Calpol in the bum, every time 🙂


  4. Honestly, the stomach bugs are the WORST as a mother. I can totally manage a random high viral fever at this point, but I will NEVER forget L’s first stomach bug. She was a few months shy of turning 2 and we heard this AWFUL sound coming from her monitor only to discover it was her choking up vomit all over her crib. Washed her, cleaned up the mess, snuggled for a bit, put her back to bed…. only to have it happen ALL OVER again 4 more times that night. And then I landed myself in the hospital for dehyrdation from severe vomiting the following night (I was pregnant with S at the time). It was the worst experience. She’s had a few bugs since but never any that severe and yet I STILL cringe at the whole experience. The bad parts of being a mom are so bad… I also cried with her.

    I am so glad he is feeling better. This is just an unfortunate part of living! Hopefully you don’t have to deal with it again ANYTIME SOON.


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