1.  ad-ven-ture/ad’venCher/

Noun:             An unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.

Verb:              Engage in hazardous and exciting activity, esp the exploration of unknown territory: “they had advsentured into the forest”.

Synonyms:    noun. venture…. verb. risk – venture – hazard – jeopardize – dare – jeopard

Catching up on blogs the other day (man alive you guys write A LOT) I was reading Julia’s thoughts on her word for 2011 and her word for 2012 and I thought to myself “what an awesome idea” and promptly told her that I was going to steal her “word for the year” concept.  In the past few day’s I’ve been thinking very carefully about what word I was going to allocate to 2012.

There were many words that jumped into my mind – Grace, Thankfulness, Responsiblity, Journey, Love and so on and so forth.  But I wanted to push myself and find a word that would encompass all the other words that rose so quickly.  I think ad-ven-ture/ad’venCHer/ captures what I hope for 2012 in my and my family’s lives.

Because lets face it, life is somewhat hazardous, but also exciting and certainly unusual.

I cannot wait to follow the path that leads to further exploration of my son’s mind and development.  I cannot wait to see how he unfolds as a person under our guidance, love and teachings.  A journey which I’m sure will be coloured with love, joy, gratitude but tempered with worry, hurt and sadness.  My wish for him, is that his adventure with us as his parents is as fun and life moulding as ours will be with him.
On the work front  I hope to open my heart to new adventures.  Ones that will lead me into risk and ventures.  But hopefully ones that will result in fruits of the harvest and more time and energy to expend on the adventure of growing with my child.
I’m going to journey with my body too.  To places once traveled to but long forgotten.  Places of better health and fitness.  These are area’s of adventure with my body that I have long neglected and I can literally feel my body itching to visit these places again.
Finally an adventure of Spirit.  Of closeness with my Dad.  Of renewing my mind and spirit in Him daily.  Of focusing on the fruits He has in store for me and the fruits He has in store for others THRU me.
Like all adventures, I know there’ll be troubled waters to cross and rocky paths to navigate but I know with the correct gear and preparation, the end destination will be SO worth it.

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