So the year is winding down and it seems that I am the only doofus still at work at this time of year, cos EVERYONE else is on holiday and I have read all the blogs on my reader, I am getting sick of Facebook and there is only SO many times one can check Twitter without getting BB thumb…

So I thought I would head on over to my blog and start cleaning it up a bit, my blog roll is a mess of note and there is no time like the present to tweak things here right?

I saw then on my dashboard a “top search term” and I quite literally choked on my tea…

“up guys see only shit and down guys see only assholes”

Um… Ok…. If you say so searcher.

Now back to my little blog clean up…



7 thoughts on “Um….ok….

  1. I hate to say it but you are NOT the only one at work this year. We are implementing a huge project (new HR and Accounting software) company wide and the go-live date, of course, is Jan 1, 2012. Therefore December has been nothing but training and getting things ready for the big switch. I usually take the last 2 weeks off, but this year they aren’t allowing anyone on the project team ANY time off, except the 2 company holidays, the 2 days after Christmas.

    Boo Hoo. I want to be home with my kiddo and husband.

    I can’t wait for February to get here for things to settle down.

    Have fun cleaning up! I hope I make the blogroll cut!

    Merry Christmas!


  2. Merry Christmas my dear friend! May your first Christmas as a mom and dad be filled with joy and laughter and the first of many special traditions. Will be watching FB for updates and photies.XXXX


  3. Where do you check your searches, because seriously – i’ve seen some odd ones mentioned on the blogs that i read .. but don’t know where to find it on my dashboard?
    you are not the only one not working 😦 although, tomorrow will be my last day for 3 weeks. Foof.. haven’t taken THAT much leave in … years.


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