A Rose by any other name…

While I was supposed to be working today, I was catching up on some blog reading and read this post of Julia’s.

I have always loved hearing about other people’s names and how they got their names and what their family traditions are in relation to naming etc… I started typing my response to her post and when I realised I was writing one super long essay, I decided to hijack her post idea and put my response here 🙂

My mother is one of five children and all of them have second names – my Mom is Carole Lucielle – and hated the fact that all of the girls had one of their names chosen after an actress my Grandfather loved (Mom was after Lucielle Ball).  As a result of this neither my sister or I have second names.  I always wanted my second name to be Elizabeth and often used to tell people it was my second name 😉

My father had many names – he was Peter John Biller Michael Curley – WHAT A MOUTHFULL!

Cliff is officially Clifford Mark and both he and his brother have traditional names and second names…

When we got married I changed my surname to a double barrel of my maiden name and my married name – Curley-Young – not becuase I’m this great feminist or anything, but simply because I felt that my family was so much a part of me and I couldn’t bear to part with my unusual surname…

Through our years of infertility I would often see names that I liked and said that I would name my kids those names one day… as we battled more and more to conceive I stopped doing that and would secretly seethe when friends and family “stole” the names I had planned to use one day… What a chop I was!

Before I conceived I had a friend who told me one day she couldn’t wait for the day when we told her we would be having a little Clam of our own.  I was like what?  And she said “yep a little bit of CLiff and a little bit of sAM, your CLAM”…  Well we all know that the nickname stuck!  Cliff and I did not come to Kade’s name easily.  Mostly because my dear husband would not be serious enough to actually discuss baby names most of the time.  He kept on saying “lets name him Bob” or “how about Tard?” I was super prepared.  I had a few baby name books and trolled website after website looking at boys names that I liked.  But nothing ever really “fit”… The one constant name that we both liked right away was Ethan.  But we both also realised that Ethan was being used a lot at the time and that we wanted our son to have a name that was different.  A name that was as special as he was to us.  I was about 36 weeks along and we still had not offically decided on his name.  I read a blog post and the woman who wrote the post mentioned a name that meant “defender of the faith” and it just clicked.  My son that was growing in my womb had helped defend MY faith and I hope that our testimony helps to defend others faith.  I told Cliff about it and he fell in love with it as well and that is how we got to Kade Ethan.

We realised though that his initials would end up being KEY and I was concerned about that until my husband (bless his heart) said the most endearing thing he’s ever said in relation to naming our son – he told me that it was appropriate cos Kade was the KEY to our hearts.

And that is my long winded story of names!


9 thoughts on “A Rose by any other name…

  1. Very interesting stories Sam! I think my DH is a lot like yours, because mine also joked around a lot and it was really difficult to get him to commit to a name. I was drawn to our baby’s names right from the moment I saw it, but at first DH ignored me when I suggested it, and later when I gave him a deadline and he had to have a list with a few names on there, the first name that I wanted was on his list. Then another few weeks later he decided that the second name I liked to go with the first name is also the one he wants to go with the first name. (As if I’ve never suggested it!) Then I thought it was all sorted out, but then DH could not decide on the spelling! But eventually after about 10 weeks, our baby has 2 names and we can also now agree on the spelling. But boy it was like pulling teeth to come to a decision that took me seconds to make… But I guess I can’t complain, because I got the names I wanted :)!


  2. My husband and I finally settled on our daughter’s name about an hour after she was born! When we didn’t have a name picked out in the few weeks before her birth, we realized that we sort of needed to wait to meet her before we’d know what her name was, but even so I didn’t think it would take us so long before we officially decided.


  3. I love when people have interesting thoughts behind names. I know names sometimes just ARE but a good story and logical thought process is sure sweet. Both of my girls’ names have vague football ties, as my husband is a football fanatic and it was apparent he wasn’t getting a son to carry on the football dream. Luckily for me, they also happened to be names I really liked and could SELL him on as being sports related. 😉 (wifely manipulation as its finest)



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