Brain Dump

  • Lea linked to this post today- I think all of us need to read it to remind us just how good our lives are – warts and all…
  • Today we say goodbye to my sister in law by marriage’s Mom.  She passed away last Wednesday and her passing has brought a lot of what I felt when my Dad passed away back to the fore.  It’s made me realise that I never really allowed myself to grieve for him properly and also that I had to sort out the anger issues I had towards him before I could grieve.  My heart is sore today.  For me.  For him.  Mostly for Barbs who has to put her Mom to rest – I cannot imagine losing my Mom.  Losing Dad was hard enough, but my Mom?  I can’t even think about that…
  • Work is manic busy.  As much as I love Christmas, I am not particularly enamoured with this time of year – there is too much stress on me work wise and I can’t bear my clients who are all fighting to get the biggest piece of the ‘Christmas spend’ pie… it doesn’t help that this year is a tough financial one and lets face it people are being very careful with their spending this year – my clients products?  They are total luxury and are battling this season – something that is apparently all my and my team’s fault…
  • I have yet to start my Christmas shopping – every year I tell myself to get my ass into gear and buy EARLY to avoid the rush, but every year I leave it later and later and end up stressed to the max.  MUST.PULL.FINGER.OUT.BUTT!
  • I need to find a good maintance programe to keep the weight I lost after I had Kade off – have been doing small runs every now and then but want to supplement this with something else to tone – any suggestions?
  • I have some good friends who are battling with life at the moment.  I wish I could make it all better for them.  The pain they are going through hits too close to home and I just wish I could change their realities.  I know that God will answer their prayers, I just wish I knew when and how so that I could ease the hurts they are feeling.
  • There is not a day that goes by that I don’t fall to my knee’s to thank Him for my child.  Kade is my healing.  This child is my destiny.  I always thought I knew how much I would love my child.  I could never have imagined the depth of my love for him.  A mother’s love is infinite.  And amazingly beautiful.  And fierce.  So much encompasses what this love means… Words fail me when I try explain my love for my child.
  • My husband as a father is so incredibly sexy.  I just want to jump his bones when I see how amazing he is with our son.  More on this in another post…
  • I drink too much tea.  This started while I was on maternity leave when I was pretty much living on tea and the love affair continues daily.  I need to get back to drinking good old H2O…
  • Brain dumps are good for the soul – think I might do this more often 😉

4 thoughts on “Brain Dump

  1. Thinking of you Sam! Don’t let the Christmas crazies get to you. Take a deep breath, remember the incredible gift of the Christ child, and all the rest will happen as it must.


  2. Thanks for posting that link. It’s been such a ! moment for me.

    Losing a close family member is hard. When you’re faced with another death the feelings of the previous loss always tends to resurfaces and you almost have to relive it again. I’m sorry to hear you heart is sore 😦


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