Me Sucketh, and other random stuff…

You know what? 

I suck.  I totally suck at doing these “post everyday for 30 day” challenges… I always start off all gung ho but then end up fizzling out cos life gets in the way… It’s a good life so I’m not complaining, but still… Me sucketh bigeth…

I’ve also been given an award by a few of my lovely bloggy pals – so a big thanks to Tanya, Lisa Marie, Lea and Melinda – I’m gonna be hard pressed to find some bloggers who haven’t already been awarded but I’ll do me best 🙂

The deal is that I need to reveal 7 random things about myself and then tag 15 other bloggers  to do the same…

So without further ado, my randomness is like this:

  1. I LOVE how nail polish looks on finger nails.  LOVE it.  The catch is I cannot stand to have nail polish on my OWN fingernails.  Freaks me out a bit.  I just don’t like not knowing if my fingernails are dirty or not.  I HAVE to be able to see the whites of my nails.  Every now and then I get a bee in my bonnet and paint my fingernails – it never lasts long.
  2. I love to read.  It’s my passion.  Everyone told me that there was no way I would find time to read when Kade came along – but you know what?  I did and I do.  Even if it means having to read while sitting on the white throne or whilst I’m blowdrying my hair.  I also HAVE to read before I go to sleep.  If I don’t, I don’t sleep well.  Even in those sleep deprived days I would read a paragraph before going back  to bed between feeds.
  3. When I was in school my career aptitude test showed that I would do best as an author.  I have always wanted to write a book.  Truth is I’m too poop scared to do it.  It’s my biggest dream but also my biggest fear.
  4. I went to 12 schools in 12 years of schooling – I shit you not.  Thankfully 98% of the moving occurred when I was in primary school before kids thought to have “cliques” and would be my friend just cos I was new and not when in high school.  My one and only high school move happened in the middle of std 6 (grade 8) and it was my most difficult transition.
  5. I am still supple enough to put my foot behind my head from a sitting postition.  Give me 12 tequila’s and you might get to see this party trick first hand.
  6. You will hardly ever see me wearing a coloured shirt.  And 8 times out of 10 if I am it’s accompanied by a black cardi.  I sweat a lot and am HUGELY self conscious of it.  I’ve heard that injecting Botox into my underarms will help but wonder if it’s wise to numb my underarms?  What if I end up not being able to lift my arms or they damage my lymph nodes or something…
  7. When I was a kid I used to throw spectacular tantrums.  I would throw myself onto the ground and kick and scream.  I’m scared that I’ve passed this onto my son.  He’s not a difficult baby by any means but when he does get it in his head to throw a tantrum… all I can say is WOW.

Now ladies – I want to know about you and your “randoms” – GO!

Tam, Tracey, Nita, Mash and Sophie *mwahs*



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