Home Alone

Cliff and I are going to a wedding this afternoon. 

Its going to be just beautiful.  But because it’s an afternoon wedding the reception will extend well into the evening we decided that my mom and sister would need to baby sit Kade for us.

The babysitting Kade at our home has somehow morphed into them taking him to my Mom’s house for the night (most likely cos my mom and sister cannot get enough of him and are just relishing the fact that they will now have him ALL to themselves for A WHOLE NIGHT) and whilst I know he’ll be just fine with them, it also leaves me feeling a bit… I don’t know… sad?

It’s a sure sign that my baby who was reliant on ME for everything is growing up.  That his independant streak is maturing.  That I’m no longer his whole world. 

Cliff and I were talking about it last night.  We’re going to be home alone for the first time since 03rd June and it feels downright weird.  Like we’ll be missing a limb or something.  It’s going to be interesting to see how we cope with not having him at home with us tonight, whether we’ll actually be able to sink into a deep sleep and make the most of it, whether we’ll be able to “sleep in” on Saturday or whether we’ll be up at sparrow’s fart on our way to Centurion to fetch our little guy…

I’ve said it many times, this child of mine, he’s changed my life so much in so many ways.  I love him to the moon and back five times over.

Now I’m off to pack everything and the kitchen sink for his first night at Granny’s house… wish us luck!

7 thoughts on “Home Alone

  1. I still battle alot with sleep-outs – I get extremely nauseous at the thought, but I ensure that I keep myself preoccupied. I also try to force myself to just savour a little bit of time-out. That in itself is hard, because the minute she’s gone, I ache for her. Catch-22, anyone?
    And as for packing .. sheesh. I packed AND had a very, VERY detailed list, down to the minute!!
    What I found on the first night she slept out was that I automatically woke up at the usual times that she did – I never slept through.
    Enjoy the wedding!


  2. Enjoy the wedding – you will be up at sparrows fart driving to Centurion. Amazing how such a small person can have such a profound impact on your life.


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