Our New “Normal”

It has to be said.  Going back to work after four months of being off?  It sucks! Big fat donkey balls.

My first day back at work was not as bad as I had built it up to be in my mind (perhaps because I had built it up to be bad?).  Adjustments had to be made by both Cliff and I in order for me to make it into the office on time and looking semi decent.  I had to get up before sparrow’s fart with no chance of napping with my boy after his morning feed (yawn!) and Cliff had to do his S – S -S (sh*t, shower, shave) routine earlier than normal in order for him to feed Kade while I was prettifing myself for the office… I actually had to blow dry my hair and put on decent make up for the day… And then I had to leave my gorgeous boy in the arms of his awesome new nanny… but not before I snapped a pic or two of the two of us on this momentous day…


On the whole I had a little drizz in the car on the way to work whilst battling traffic (holy moly, I sure did not miss that!) and allowed myself one call to our nanny to check up on my boy.

Work itself was a bit iffy – it was not very clear as to what my actual role will be and leaving work at 17h00 was not fun!  It was a loooong day too, as I was up for him a few times the night before.  By the time I got home I was rather knackered especially considering that I’ve been getting a full night’s sleep for a while now.

I only ended up spending like 30 minutes with Kade before he went down for the night and I think that’s the hardest thing about being a working mom.  The lack of time you get to spend with your treasure during the week.  And the fact that you’re missing out on al the cute things they do during the day. 

That being said, I know that I’m finding the adjustment harder than Kade is.  He loves his nanny and she is excellent with him.  And soon enough, I’ll have adjusted to our new normal too and will treasure every second with him even more than I do now.


8 thoughts on “Our New “Normal”

  1. Oh my friend I feel for you – it must have been very hard to tear yourself away from your gorgeous boy. But as you say, he is in excellent hands and life must go on. I’m sure you are going to really look forward to each weekend and the special time you get to spend together.


  2. Your new blog layout is amazing!!! Love it. Is it one of your designs? Sorry about the going back to work thing, hideous I’m sure. Must feel so empty and meaningless compared to being with your little bubs. Took most of my friends a while to adjust, but they did eventually.


  3. Glad it was better than expected but it must be very,very hard. I am eternally grateful (most days) that I didn’t have to go back to work. Some days I wish I could swap places with Chris but reckon some of his patients would object!! Lots of love


  4. I cannot imagine how hard it was!!! 30 minutes?! That’s just something I can’t wrap my mind around and makes me shut up my complaints for how hard working from home with 2 kids is. Being a mother is SO ridiculously hard and I do believe that we all feel guilt, no matter what “normal” is for each of us. Though, I know you’ll figure it out… you’ve gotten through harder. 😉


  5. Phhhh, must be so hard ! I hope you soon find a good cruising rythm and I am glad that your boy is well and hope that you will have lots of quality time together.
    Beautiful pics of the 2 of you !! K. take a bit after his daddy too, right ? I always knew that two beautiful people like you and your DH could only create beauty !!


  6. I do take my hat off to the full time Working Mom – I know that your new ‘normal’ can’t always be easy because of the small amount of time Jhb Traffic leaves you with you darling. Good Luck though. Before you know it, you’ll be an old hand at it. At least knowing he’s with an awesome Nanny makes it a little easier going to work.


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