3rd Trimester

Holy humping beans!  How on EARTH did we get to the 3rd trimester already?

I know I keep saying this, but I cannot believe how quickly time has flown.  It feels like *forever* ago that we found out that our 6th IVF had worked and as I head towards 28 weeks this Sunday I can hardly believe that technically we’ve only got 12 weeks left of this pregnancy. 

Its such an exciting time, I find myself daydreaming of this little boy and wondering what he’s going to look like, whose characteristics he’s going to have more of and so on and so on. 

One thing is for sure, I’m totally in love with him already. 

For your viewing pleasure – scan pics of our Clam @ 26 weeks 4 days:


23 thoughts on “3rd Trimester

  1. Congratulations!

    It is a beautiful time, Samcy and you must enjoy it to the fullest.

    Your boy Clam is gorgeous.

    Take Care and be good.


  2. Enjoy this last trimester my friend. It gets harder towards the end, but treasure each ache and sleepless night. They will take you to the best prize in the world.


  3. Wow – that has gone quickly! What a gorgeous little clam. Are you scrapbooking any of these awesome pics? 12 weeks left are you organised yet, how is the nursery coming? not long to go, cherish every minute!


  4. I so enjoyed the third trimester even though it brought with it the most discomfort. But what a special time it was! Enjoy your last 12 weeks, it’s awesome 🙂


  5. Yay for 3rd trimester and all the things that come along with it. 😉 Remember to take it easy when you get closer to the end and take care of yourself. I say this as a hypocrite who is 34 weeks pregnant and doing too much, but it’s true. 🙂 Congrats to getting this far.


  6. Truely amazing Sam! Still so excited for you 🙂 Pregnancy gets a little harder at this stage but knowing that your little one is coming so soon makes it easier. Enjoy these last weeks with your baba all to yourself.


  7. Hi there

    First of all Congratulations!!! Dont think you remember me, I chatted to you once about 3 years ago before I had a treatment at Vitalab. Cannot believe were we are today!! I just found out I am pregnant 5 weeks Naturally. This after 2 IVF’s and a Gift!! What I wanted to ask if you had any recommendations for a Gine!! Are you happy with yours? I prefer Parklane clinic as it is close to work but would consider any suggestions.
    Goodluck …..you are almost there!! T


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